Posted June 23, 2017

Podcast Episode #11: Jeff Halevy

Today I was able to sit down and chat with Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Life and media personality (fitness correspondent for NBC’s Today Show, host of Workout from Within, syndicated in over 30 countries), and he was able to chat about a lot of different topics, ranging from his history as a trainer working at Crunch Gym and how he developed the business model he’s put together, right to the guiding principles he uses to choose which projects to hit with full gusto, and how there’s never a choice to “dip a toe” into challenges, but how he cannon-balls directly into the deep end with everything he does.

Show Notes

3:42 – Training in the microcosm of New York City, and how that environment is a mixed blessing of hyper-competitive industry and large population density, plus bonus discussion on Insta-fitness personalities and pseudo-science celebrity trainers with loud presences.

13:21 – The vision to create something different than what the fitness industry was currently offering, including the bare minimum he has for hiring trainers, guaranteed results, and building a gym in an art gallery.

26:12 – The Sawdust Analogy

29:32 – traits and abilities he looks for to add to the team, aside from specific formal education, and how he finds the best positions for those individuals based on his companies core values (he has 6 core values, most companies rely on 3-5)

37:15 – big failures and lessons he’s learned from them.

44:15 – why he never approaches anything with half effort, and the 3 questions he has to answer before undertaking any new challenge. Bonus for some history lessons on Galileo

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