Posted July 4, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: Super Summer Sale Edition

Happy Independence Day to my friends south of the border!

Hopefully you all enjoy the fireworks, cook outs, and holiday pay today.

We’re going into the last 2 days of the Super Summer Sale on all my digital products, and I even upped the ante on one BIG package, which you’ll have to read on to see.

High Tensile Strength

$47 for gold vs $87

$77 vs $117 for Platinum

$47 vs $149 for Adamantium!!!!

Yep, you can pick up the Adamantium package for the same cost as the basic gold pack, PLUS I’m throwing in a couple of bonuses. There’s the option of getting the program set up on and through their app, and if you do please enter the coupon code HTSSUMMER to get 75% off each monthly payment for ever (normally this would be $19.99 per month, and with the discount it goes down to $5 a month).

DOUBLE PLUS if you get the monthly app access through and order the Adamantium package to get the swag pack, I’m going to throw in a free pair of Pedestal Footwear socks while supplies last.

Click HERE for more info and to get your copy.


Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

Normally $197, will be available for $97

Click HERE to learn more and get your copy


Advanced Core Training

Regular $87, on for $57

Click HERE for more information and to get your copy


Ruthless Mobility

Regular $97, on for $40

Click HERE for more info and to get your copy


Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0

Regular $157, on for $57

Click HERE for more info and to get your copy


The sale ends July 5th at midnight est, so get in on it while the prices are steamy.


The Other Stuff You Should Check Out


No, Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Spine Explode – Tony Gentilcore

Yes, a million times yes. It was kind of hard to keep myself from doing this while reading this article from my BFF Tony:


Should You Tweak Your Stance on Squats and Deadlifts? – Ya Boi Dean via Robertson Training Systems

In this guest piece, I break down how asymmetry is in many places not something to be corrected, but is a given, and you just have to tune your stance like an optometrist tunes your eye prescription.

Your Shoulders Hurt: What Next? – Ya man Dean via Born Fitness

I wrote a piece about some common moves that irritate shoulders and how to get through and around them in the most effective manner possible. Hint: breathing, thoracic spine motion, scapular motion.

Deadlift Technique: The Solution is In The Set Up – Eric Cressey

You know I love a good deadlift post. This video on how to address the set up from Eric checks all the boxes.


So don’t forget, the Super Summer Sale ends July 5th at midnight est, get your stuff early and save some bucks! Continuing education credits are available for everything except High Tensile Strength, because it’s a workout program not an education program. You’ll still get taught a lesson though !