Posted March 17, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: St. Patricks Day Edition

Let’s jump right into today’s stuff like a leprechaun jumps after a pot of gold, shall we? Sale Ends Tonight

The leader in information on supplements and nutrition has all of their informational products on a steep sale to celebrate their 6th anniversary, and the sale ends TONIGHT at midnight. Get in on it while it’s good and cheap.

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Workshops and Speaking

Tony Gentilcore and I just finalized an appearance in London in June exclusive to the Third Space trainers, but if you’re a trainer or studio owner interested in having me swing by on a Friday or Monday around that event and give a talk to your people, drop a comment below or email me HERE and we can maybe do a half day or full day shop talk session.

Prior to that, I’ll be speaking at the Kansas City Fitness Summit for the third consecutive year, (Click HERE for more info), and then in September I’ll be in Oslo, Norway at the AFPT Convention (details to be released soon). Following that, Tony and I team up again in Orlando, October 21-22 (Click HERE for more info).


Are Close-Stance Squats Really More Quad Dominant? – Greg Nuckols

Short answer: hell no. Long answer: read the article.

We Don’t Live in a Bubble – Tony Gentilcore

Tony points out what should be obvious in that we shouldn’t be missing the forest for the trees. Instead of worrying about one exercise being “dangerous” because of stress, understand what that stress means and how to make it your bitch in the gym.

Trainer to the Stars Ben Bruno – The Today Show

I’m thankful to count Ben as a friend, and to see how he’s carved out a niche for himself in Hollywood as a n-nonsense trainer who not only gets awesome results for his clients, but does it using time-tested strength training techniques is nothing short of awesome. While not an article, this video shows some simple ways to get in a workout like the ones he takes the likes of Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, and Justin Timberlake through.

Social Media Stuff

Required reading. I'm sure it transfers to dog owners too.

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It's never easy. But most things that are worthwhile aren't. Very proud of the work Chuck has put in and the progress he's made.

Posted by Dean Somerset on Sunday, March 12, 2017

I should include a story behind this one. Chuck started distance training with me after he’d lost over 200 lbs and wanted to get some foot speed and power for Historical European Martial Arts. Think fencing, but with Longclaw from Game of Thrones type stuff. You can read more about it at

Before I go, what is St. Patricks Day without a pint of Guinness?

Have a good weekend!!