Posted February 24, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: Pre-Workshop Edition

I’m just about to hop on a plane to head to Toronto to teach Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint to a group of about 50 trainers, which should be a massively awesome time.


Lindsay’s actually flying out today as well, but we’re going in completely different directions. She’s heading to Los Angeles for a track cycling camp and to watch the world championships, and after I’m done my workshop, I’ll be flying from Toronto to LA to spend a few days in above freezing temperatures, and maybe crush a few workouts at Golds Gym in Venice. Arnold, text me and we can get protein shakes after, cool?

There’s still some space available somewhere in the room, so if you’re in Toronto and have nothing planned this weekend, come hear me geek out on anatomy, rock some deadlifts, and coach breathing patterns like a mofo.

Click HERE for more info on Toronto

If that’s too short of notice, you could also check out Vancouver for April 1-2, 2017. Tony Gentilcore will be allowed out of the house joining me for that one as well. The early bird special ends on March 1st, so act quickly if you want to experience one of the prettiest cities in North America.

Click HERE for more info on Vancouver

Pushups: You’re Doing Them Wrong – Joel Seedman

I can’t tell you how often I see bad pushups and people doing dozens, if not hundreds of them at a time. Oh wait, yes I can. All the time.

Box Jumps: You’re Not Jumping As High As You Think – Tony Gentilcore

While it’s admirable to see what kind of surface you can get your feet up to, it’s likely not developing the kind of power you think of if you’re just going for max hip flexion and not moving your centre of gravity higher in the air. Because of that, Tony rocks out some solid pointers on how to make your box jump more jumpy and less boxy.

Learning From Terrible Networking – Sol Orwell

Taking short cuts in how you form relationships that can be massively beneficial can be the quickest way to a dead end. Sol talks about how he’s been getting some e-fame after a few articles were picked up by various sources, and how that lead to some fairly desperate networking attempts. Folks, treat networking like approaching someone at the bar. Don’t go for the close right away. You’ll lose. Get into it for the long game, make a new friend, and see how you can help them first, before asking them to help you.

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