Posted April 17, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: Post Easter Edition

I hope everyone had a great time over Easter and Passover. We kept it pretty low key since it decided to snow and drop below freezing for most of the weekend, and everyone of our family members in the city were simultaneously sick.


Registration is now open for speaking events in Kansas City, Calgary, and Olso Norway. Also Tony Gentilcore and I are bringing Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint to Orlando in October. Click HERE for more info on each event and to register.

The One Trick to Make You Lift More Weight Instantly – Lauren Bedosky via

I contributed to this fun piece on and discuss concepts of post-activation potentiation. While it sounds pretty complicated, it’s really simple and something you can integrate into your training today to see some pretty impressive and immediate results in your lifts.

You’re not Broken if You’re Asymmetrical. You’re Normal – Tony Gentilcore

Amen, brotha. Far too often strength training and rehab chase symmetry for the sake of symmetry, even though there are many many MANY situations where symmetry is not only less than beneficial, but it could also be physically impossible.

Use Lateral Raises to Build Shredded Shoulders –

There’s a lot of benefits to using lateral raises in training the deltoids, and some simple ways you could be doing them wrong and crushing some stuff in the process of building your boulders. This article I contributed to helps outline some simple and easy variations and fixes so you can get through life without your shoulders feeling like walking buckets of fail.

Can Your Athlete’s Joints Do What You’re Asking Them to Do? Stephen Osterer via

It’s awesome to see this concept is getting more recognition across elements of the fitness industry. I remember when I first presented on the concept of anatomical individuality I had people say that if I couldn’t coach a position I was a terrible coach. I guess they’ve found a way to bend bones that I haven’t.


Social Media Shenanigans

I have an elderly client who has a bunch of injuries, osteoporosis, and a cerebellular injury from a motor vehicle…

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