Posted June 26, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: Before the Long Weekend Edition

Spolier alert: I’m putting all of my digital products on sale at the end of the week. Clear some credit card room now.

Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0? –> Yep

Ruthless Mobility? –> indeed

Advanced Core Training? –> Well, yeah, I said everything.

High Tensile Strength? –> Yes, again everything is on sale

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint? –> Come on, you’re just not listening now. Yes, EVERYTHING.


Upcoming Speaking Stuff

AFPT Fitness Convention, Sept 1-3, 2017 Oslo, Norway

This was a fantastic event last year when I presented on assessments, so this year I expect it to be even more amazing, and I’ll likely blow the doors off the place again. False modesty aside, it’s shaping up to be amazing, with other presenters confirmed including Dan John, Nick Tuminiello, Alan Aragon, Eric Helms, James Kreiger, Casey Conrad, and a bunch of other fantastic speakers.


L2 Annual Fitness Summit, Sept 16-17 2017, Edmonton Alberta Canada

I’ll be doing a full day breakdown on assessment practices and set up, plus give some direction on how to take the info from the assessment to design the program to get the best results, and when to use what type of assessments for each client and their goalset. The next day, Dr. Mike Israetel will be delivering a crazy deep dive into hypertrophy concepts and principles, plus a stand-out hands on session to get your swole on.


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint, October 21-22 2017, Orlando Florida

Tony Gentilcore and I team up for another workshop, this time somewhere warmer than Edmonton in October, which should be 90% of the world at that time. Come warm yourself by the glowing heat of our discussion on shoulder and hip mechanics.


Deadlifts are Only Dangerous Because You’re Unable to Coach Them – Tony Gentilcore

Speaking of Tony, here he masterfully destroys the myth of an exercise in and of itself being dangerous, but does show that some injuries can occur with them if done poorly or for the wrong reasons. Does that mean to avoid them like the black plague? Click the link to find out

Podcast Appearance on Muscle Experts Podcast

I had a chance to sit down with Ben Pakulski, pro bodybuilder, gym owner and fellow Canadian, to discuss all things mobility and strength training. It’s always fun to talk training with passionate professionals, especially if their anterior deltoid is thicker than my wrist.

15 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Stronger – James Fell via

James cornered interviewed a bunch of trainers while attending the Kansas City Fitness Summit this past May, yours truly included, and compiled answers into this excellent actionable piece.

Comparison and Competition – Hannah Gray

Social media is great to see what other people are up to, but when you start comparing your life to the highlight reel most people put out there, you can start to feel less than stellar about your own life.

Stop that. Stop it right now.

Hannah gives some reality into the fact that you’re not in competition with others on social media. The only people you’re competing against are the people you’re actually competing against, whether on the sport field, the powerlifting platform, the job market, or something real. If someone posts a video of them squatting a certain weight, you’re not less of a person if you lift a little less.


Social Media Highlights