Posted August 24, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: End of Summer Edition

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the last few days of August. Pumpkin Spice everything is just around the corner, and so is everyone complaining about pumpkin spice everything. Prepare yourself accordingly.


Workshops and Speaking Stuff

For a full listing of upcoming workshops and speaking engagements, check out my Schedule of Events page, with listings on events in:

Oslo, Norway September 1-3

Edmonton, Alberta Canada September 16-17

Calgary Alberta Canada October 14-15

Orlando Florida October 21-22 (early bird ends soon)

Boston Massachusetts November  11-12


Articles and Stuff

Research: BCAA Supplements Aren’t Very Effective at Much of Anything

Compared to eating whole protein sources, there’s nothing magical about supplementing with BCAAs in terms of muscle gain, recovery, or any other measurable factor, according to this new metanalysis of all available data on the subject. If you like the taste, cool, keep on crushing it. If not, just eat an intra-set chicken breast or something savage like that.

How to Get More Out of Your Workout Without Actually Working Harder – Alexa Tucker via

This was a fun article I contributed to on how to get more from your workout by simply changing your focus during your work, and getting the best bang for your buck without puting more weight on the bar or squeezing out more reps.

Dolly’s DNA Results – Lindsay Somerset via

We adopted our dog Dolly from a Thai rescue organization at the beginning of the year, and we’ve wondered about what breed she actually is as she was essentially rescued from the streets and off the truck from the illegal meat trade. We did a DNA test on her and the results were pretty surprising. If you have a mystery dog of your own, you can do a DNA test too to determine what your breed is made of.


Tony Was a Weirdo, So Mark Opened a Gym – Pete Dupuis

Tony is a weirdo. But he’s a good kind of weirdo. Keeping that authenticity is one reason why I initially gravitated to his writing, why he’s a great business partner to work with on workshops, and why he influences so many successful fitness industry members to simply be themselves. This is a great take on how to not compromise who you are, but how to engineer the best situations to thrive as your own being.


Bros Do Science – Dean Somerset & Tony Gentilcore

Not sure if I shared this previously on here or not, but if not, here it is.


Add This Row to Back Day – Me via

Whenever someone comes in with any level of shoulder pain, or simply wants to get better lats, I start them with these, as they help to get the positioning much more easily than a bent over version, plus you can feel the lats fire a lot more easily here as well.


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