Posted July 24, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: End of July Edition

This year feels like it’s moving incredibly fast, maybe it’s just me. This has nothing to do with this posts Stuff, but just a general observation. Anyway…..


Speaking Stuff

AFPT Convention, Oslo Norway, September 1-3, 2017

I attended this event last year and was kindly asked back to speak again. If you’re looking for an awesome event, with top notch speakers (Alan Aragon, Dan John, Eric Helms, James Kreiger, Nick Tuminiello, and many more), in an amazing environment, you can’t pass this up.

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L2 Fitness Summit, Edmonton Alberta Canada, September 16-17, 2017

It’s pretty rare that I can teach a seminar in my home town these days, but this is one opportunity to bring some good content to trainers in Western Canada. We’re even shipping Dr. Mike Israetel in from the east coast so he can talk about hypertrophy training and nutrition, so it’s going to be an info and action packed 2 days in the fall.

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Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint, Calgary Alberta Canada, October 14-15, 2017

This event is me running solo for the last time for this workshop. It’s been cool to have the opportunity to step in for a few events as Tony was reducing travel to be a dad this year, but we’ll likely be stepping it back up together next year with some new content here and there. Still, Calgary, get ready.

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Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint (with Tony Gentilcore), Orlando Florida, October 21-22 2017

We still have lots of space available for this one, and I’m pretty sure Florida in October won’t cause me to melt my face off from the heat and humidity. Maybe you could bring the kids and drop them off at Disneyworld for the day while you hang out with us at the REAL happiest place on earth.

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Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint (with Tony Gentilcore), Boston, MA, November 11-12, 2017

Tony won’t have to travel for this one, plus it’s actually IN BOSTON, not just Boston-adjacent.

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Other Stuff

Mark Bell Powercast with Gunnar Peterson and Ben Bruno

This was a great episode with a couple of very accomplished trainers talking about how their styles are fairly different but still work to the collective goal of getting the results their clients are looking for.


This British Writer Just Wrote a Totally Convincing Argument for Urban Cycling – Tom Babin via

There’s really no downside to building infrastructure specific to cyclists in high density urban environments. As someone who bikes to work often, pays taxes, and is concerned with public health and fitness, this is a cause near and dear to me.


Bro’s Do Science Podcast with Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

While I was in London with Tony for our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint course for the Third Space trainers, Rocco stopped by to talk shop, and it turned out pretty well.


Should you Be Deadlifting from the Floor – Me via the

This article was repurposed from one I wrote a while ago, but the message is still the same. Don’t fit the client to the exercise, fit the exercise to the client. There’s really only 2 sports where pulling a plate from the floor is a requirement: powerlifting and olympic lifting. That’s pretty much it. Everything else can be modified.


The Post Where I Prove It’s Not Always Tight Hamstrings – Tony Gentilcore

Amen, brotha.


Simplified Shoulder Solutions – Eric Cressey

It can be pretty easy to go down the rabbit hole of shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and kinematics and wind up completely concussed from all the knowledge bombs, but Eric does a great job in this post of reminding what is truly important, in ways even teenage athletes can figure out in between their Snapchats.


Manipulating the Media is easier than you Think – Sol Orwell

It’s amazing that terms like “fake news” have become a thing, and it makes it more important that a media source has some level of credibility to it in order to ensure you’re getting accurate information. Sol digs into a few examples of how media have followed fake stories that seemed real, and why these stories caught traction.


Productivity Advice for the Weird – Ramit Sethi

This is a great read for anyone who has trouble finishing, beginning, or staying on point with their work. Essentially, everyone.


Social Media Stuff

There’s a lot of discussion as to whether memes like this are good for the fitness industry or not. Well, this one had more engagement than any other post I did this week, combined. It may not be something many in the fitness industry like or want to do, but the audience that it can reach resonates with them, and you can easily distill complex topics into actionable steps the general population can use, much like you would with your own clients. It’s micro-blogging, just with a different medium.


Have a great week!!