Posted June 16, 2017

Last Minute Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I’m sure your dad would love nothing more than a fifth tie he doesn’t wear, a new barbeque apron, or some fancy golf glove(s), but maybe he’s like my dad and when he wants something he just goes out and gets it himself, or the stuff that he wants and isn’t buying are pretty big ticket items. Sure dad, I’ll just mail-order a brand new milling machine for the garage that would normally work on drill bits for subway tunnels. No problemo. I’ll just sell a few more copies of Post Rehab Essentials.

Maybe he just wants some stuff to wear while he gets his swole on. I’m thinking the leisure suit he bought before the internet was a thing could use some updating, even if it’s just to crush beers while yelling at politicians on the tv, he’s still gotta look fresh to death.

So to help you out I’ve partnered up with the good folks at Sport Chek, a Canadian sports retailer, to help give some solid tips of stuff you could get for dear old dad that will help him lift more, run faster, and maybe make mom take a second look. Actually, scratch that, that’s a thought no one wants to have. Delete.

But before we get into the goods, I wanted to tell you a bit about why this is a really good thing, especially for anyone in Canada. First, if you’ve ever ordered anything from the States through a website, you have to pay a kings ransom for shipping, but also have to usually pay some form of customs clearance fee, plus smash out the Canada/US exchange cost as well. These prices can add up pretty quickly, whereas buying from a Canadian retailer can save a bunch of money, plus shopping in Canadian dollars means you only pay the price you see. Win win, right?

Let’s go through some cool stuff, plus I have a chance for you to win free money, but you have to read on to find out how.

Nike Men’s Flex 2 in 1 shorts

Your dads shorts likely come in one of two lengths:1970s’ runner way too short shorts, or pants. Give him some choice and cover those creamy thighs with some breathability that also won’t make him look like his kids were shopping for him.

Under Armour Streaker Short Sleeve Shirt

Comfortable, lightweight, soft, and quick to show off the arms that helped your dad score 4 touchdowns in one game in high school. No one else can ever prove it, but he said it happened, and he’s your dad, so you have to believe it.

Adidas Run Response Short Sleeve Shirt

Whether mowing the lawn or yelling at kids to get off his lawn, your dad’s sure to look intimidating yet casual in this top, plus if it’s hot and humid, it’ll help to keep him cool with some breathable mesh.

Nike Dri-Fit Training Fleece Zip Up

It’s Canada, so when it gets to below stupid on the thermometer, your dad will love how warm and how not puffy this hoodie is. He’ll definitely love it when he goes out to shovel the driveway he asked you to shovel three days ago and you just haven’t gotten around to it. Don’t worry, he has nothing better to do than to clean up after you and do your chores. Stay put, keep comfortable, he’ll be right back.

Under Armour Charged Ultimate Training Shoe

Whether power walking through the neighbourhood, changing the oil on your 1987 Honda Civic, or crushing a 5k fun run, Dad’s gotta have some sweet kicks to rep the family properly. Get him set with these trainers.

Garmin VivoActive HR Monitor

Much like the first time your dad ever sent you a text message (“H.O.W.W.A.S.Y.O.U.R.D.A.Y.? I.B.O.U.G.H.T.A.N.E.W.P.H.O.N.E.”), getting your dad new technology can be both scary and hilarious. If he’s a technology newbie, he’ll still get a lot from this heart rate monitor, which can give him workout details like heart rate, average, total distance, and a bunch of other details to impress his drinking buddies, while also syncing to your phone. And you thought he had a lot of questions about the DVR you got him a couple of years ago? Just wait until he can’t stream his Allman Brothers albums from his record player through his watch.

Free Money!!

So now to get to the part I told you about earlier where you have a chance to get free money. Here’s the dealski. I have a $50 Sport Chek gift card up for grabs, which can be used in store or online. All you have to do is 3 simple things:

  1. Share this article. Tag me in the share so I can see it and keep up with what you’re doing. Make it painfully obvious to me that you’re tagging me on any of the social media sites I’m on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
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  3. In your comment, tell me what you’re getting dear old dad for fathers day.

That’s it! Happy shopping, and hopefully you have a fantastic weekend. I’ll let the winner know next week that they have some free money coming to them.