Posted December 27, 2016

Articles You Bunch of Scoundrels Seemed to Like, 2016

It’s that dead period between Christmas and New Years, where most people only have concerns about getting to a big box store to score a curved tv for $50 less than regular price, or about figuring out how to mainline egg nog directly into their left ventricle.


So because of that, I’m feeling lazy and will simply do a compilation piece of some of the biggest hits on this site this past year, like the rest of the world. Enjoy.

  1. Understanding Mobility This post some of the different definitions of mobility, flexibility, and active range of motion, plus what actually helps to produce changes in these, and whether there’s some limiting factors you can overcome as well as ones you can’t.
  2. Foot and Ankle Stuff for Meatheads – this one kind of surprised me with how popular it became. I guess meatheads like talking about feet and ankles.
  3. Maybe You Shouldn’t Deadlift From the Floor – A somewhat controversial piece that struck a chord in a sacred cow of exercise: pulling plates from the floor for everyone, regardless of height, limb length, relative mobility, etc is probably not something everyone should go for, unless they’re competing in the only 2 sports where this is required.
  4. 5 Reasons You Have Bad Knees – this was a guest post by Erica Suter while we were over in Europe, and it managed to be one of the best pieces on my site this year. Thanks Erica!
  5. 3 Bro-Style Exercises That Are Actually Good for Shoulders – This was a late entry, but still caused enough of a stir to warrant addition to this list.
  6. Drilling Through Upper Body Mechanics – There’s usually a lot going on that can contribute to successful lifts or a literal or figurative pain in the neck when it comes to upper body movements. I show a skimming of the surface in this one.
  7. Best Exercise In Ever: Band Shoulder Stability Press – This was a short piece and only highlighted an exercise I’ve been playing with, but still got some decent traction.
  8. Lats are the Glutes of the Upper Body – This guest post from Travis Pollen was fantastically in depth and nerd-rageously practical too.
  9. Shoulder Positioning for Overhead Squat – Another guest post making the top 10, this one from Quinn Henoch. I’m noticing a trend here.
  10. The World’s Easiest Assessment and How to Tell if you Need More Mobility – This simple 2-step assessment will take you 10 seconds and give you a lot of information to work with.


What other articles do you think should have made the list?