Posted August 10, 2019

Training Shoulder Stability and Mechanics without Feeling Like You’re in Rehab Purgatory

There’s usually 2 distinct camsp when it comes to shoulder training: smash and thrash with all the compound lifts possible, then lateral raise until impingement makes your left eye go numb, or……

Train so delicately that the simple chance of a single bead of sweat popping up on your brow is less than my ability to make it through even the opening credits of The Meg.

However, one thing to consider is the pros of both approaches:

  • The shoulder complex can be incredibly strong, and compound lifts can be incredibly beneficial if you can everything into position to make it happen properly.
  • not everyone can get there right now, so doing stuff that can help improve the fundamental movements to get there may be needed until the person can smash it out.
  • A blend of high and low threshold approaches seems to be awesome for building motor control through an incredibly finnicky region, but also work through a training response on a very durable region.

Today I have a clip from Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint that gives a series of shoulder strength and stability drills we use to build motor control and mobility/stability before we get into challenging loading or compound strength drills.

This is a short clip from our new series Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint, a brand new product with entirely new content from the version 1 workshop, which is on sale until Sunday for $70 off the regular price, and digs into individualization concepts like this, plus so much more to help you get the best possible plan of action for your clients in order to get them results in the fastest, easiest and safest manner possible.


  • Full assessment of upper body movement, plus breakouts on how to address any specific limitations
  • Shoulder stability training beyond isolational movements or segments
  • advanced coaching for thoracic mobility, breathing mobility and directly impacting shoulder mobility as a result of these
  • mastering your bench press set up
  • foot, ankle and knee influence over hip function, assessment and troubleshooting on all of these
  • perfecting your squat set up based on your anatomical limits.
  • Total body tension considerations for maximal lifts
  • programming for various considerations, plus overlying themes and strategies to build the best programs for your clients

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