Posted August 9, 2019

Training Breathing as a Mobility Tool

I know, I know, everyone’s eyes tend to glaze over when ever you think about breathing training. I get it, most breathing drills are as boring as reading stereo instructions or watching the 90210 reboot.

Most people think “well, I’ve been breathing all my life, I figure I’m doing it pretty well smart guy!!” Well, I can’t fault you there, but we’re not talking about gas exchange here. If you have problems getting the oxygen into your blood and the carbon dioxide out, you’re probably not looking to get your swole on with the gym stuffs.

When breathing in, the ribs expand, the thoracic spine extends, the diaphragm depresses, and the collarbone elevates. These are all movements that a lot of people try to get going with isolation movements, but can all be accomplished with dedicated training to breathing modalities.

Think of breathing as 5000-10000 reps of a mobility drill performed every day. You can either do the drill and get all of the segments moving the way you would want and with the most efficient processes possible, or try to quarter-squat your way to big breathing gainz by limiting movement from some of these key centres.

Think of any upper body function that hinges off thoracic positioning, scapular positioning, collarbone movement, core tension and positioning, and all of the fun stuff we work through to try to get those movements down, that could be achieved with specific focus to challenging positions and then simply breathing deeply through them each.

Today I have a short video clip from Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint that talks about some of the positional breathing and mobility drills you could use, plus the thought process around how to apply them properly to get the desired results you’re looking for.

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