Posted February 11, 2019

The Complete Trainers Toolbox is Available Now!

I’m really excited to release a new product today, The Complete Trainers Toolbox, a collaborative project between myself as well as Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Luke Worthington, Dr. Sam Spinelli, Kellie Davis, Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, Meghan Callaway, and Alex Kraszewski.


The basis for why we wanted to produce a product like this is pretty simple: most trainers have awesome skill-sets and knowledge, but may need some advice or help when it comes to specific situations.

Some of the common questions I get all the time from trainers are things like:

  • How do I program for that exercise, or for this specific situation?
  • What do I do if a deadlift bothers my clients back?
  • My client can’t squat without knee pain, what do I do?
  • How can I help my clients get their first pullup and then their 5th?
  • My post-natal client has some core and pelvic floor issues, how do I progress them into lifting?
  • How can I get better at assessments?
  • I have clients that always complain and never seem to be motivated to workout, how can I help them?
  • how can I get better at marketing my services to clients and finding better quality leads?
  • I want to get published in different magazines, so how can I get better at writing?

This series covers all of these bases, and more, in convenient home-study webinars. Think of it like a conference you can attend without having to take time off work, pay travel expenses, or make awkward small talk with people at social gatherings.

With 17 hours of digital video content, 9 presenters from 3 countries, including strength coaches, physical therapists, and a psychologist, we cover a ton of bases with expert insights to help give specific actionable information to help you make better choices for your clients and produce better results immediately.

The product is also approved for continuing education credits through the NSCA, which can also be used to petition for credit through other organizations you may be certified through.

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Coming February 2019

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From now until Sunday, February 17th 2019 at midnight, we’re launching the entire series for $100 off the regular price. You can get the entire series – all 17 hours of content, continuing education credits, and decades of accumulated knowledge – all for only $197 US.


Click HERE for more info and to get your copy today