Posted October 24, 2017

Success with Pullups: From 0 to 1 and Beyond

Pullups have consistently been considered one of the king movements of strength training due to having to move your entire body weight with nothing but your arms and grit. They’ve been such a staple of our collective culture due to movies like Rocky, Terminator, anything involving military basic training, and calesthenics around the world.

There’s no shortage of tutorials and basic programs geared around getting stronger in your pullups, but there’s typically some big glaring issues with many of them. Maybe they are written by someone who can do some pullups but has never trained anyone else to do it, or they haven’t worked with a wide range of people who have different strengths, challenges, or anything that could muddy the waters.

Maybe they’re written by someone who works in sport performance and their clients are people who can walk into the gym on day one and do 3-10 pullups without ever having grabbed a bar before.

Maybe they have zero idea what they’re doing and they just say do rows, pulldowns and chin ups on every street light in the city and they expect it to happen by magic. It’s like the Underpants Gnomes expecting profit from stealing underpants.

Phase 1: do rows and pulldowns. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: pullups

It’s pretty rare to see a pullup program written by someone who can actually do some funky stuff in the gym, but also trains a wide range of clients, and can show a reasonable cogent progression for how to achieve success with a pullup versus just doing a few pull variations of movements.

Meghan Callaway has done just that. Her new 150 page Ultimate Pullup Guide outlines how to prepare your body to do a fairly challenging skill for the first time ever, but also gives some direction on how to go from a couple reps to a lot of reps, and also how to increase the challenge of the movement with some seriously amazing variations.

Oh my God it looks like so much fun I just wanna go and play all day after seeing that!! 


This 4 month program will help you:

1. Improve your pull-up technique, so that you can perform them efficiently

2. Improve your upper body strength, so that reaching the bar isn’t so daunting and intimidating

3. Improve your upper body muscle tone/hypertrophy, so that you have the ability to perform many pull-ups

4. Improve your scapular and shoulder controlled mobility, so that you can travel to and from the bar without issue

5. Improve your grip strength, so that you have the hang time needed to perform multiple reps and sets

6. Improve your core and glute strength, so that you leave yourself with no weak links

7. Improve your lower body strength, so that your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are stronger than they’ve ever been, and don’t hold you back.

Now you could always work with Meghan directly if you wanted to get awesome at pullups, and if you’re ever in Vancouver I’d recommend it. First, Vancouver is beautiful, except when it’s raining, and Meghan is an awesome coach.

But if you’re coming from out of town, the taxi ride from the airport to Meghan would cost more than this guide. Then there’s Meghan’s cost per session, living in Vancouver (one of the more expensive living cities in North America), and the post-workout shake at Whole Foods itself would likely cost more than this guide too, so your most economical recourse would be to smash this 4 month program hard, get your pullup technique up to snuff, gain some crazy strength and put yourself into the best position to do what you can, and then go hang out with Meghan doing some crazy stuff with bars and ropes and stuff.

The Ultimate Pullup Guide is on sale for 50% off from October 24th until October 27th at midnight, so pick it up and see what’s happening. I guarantee you’ll be impressed with how much work Meghan has put into this.

I’m so sure I’ll even sweeten the pot. I have a new product I’m finishing up at the moment featuring me talking about assessments for a day and Dr. Mike Israetel talking about hypertrophy concepts for a day. This video package will be released shortly, but I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

If you pick up a copy of Meghan’s Ultimate Pullup Guide during the launch and send my assistant a copy of your receipt, you’ll go on a pre-sell list where you’ll have the ability to pick up a copy a full week before it goes on sale to the general public, and for $10 off the sale price. Once you purchase, email my assistant HERE with a copy of your receipt, and you’ll be entered.

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