Posted September 11, 2018

Sturdy Shoulder Solutions on Sale Now

This past weekend I was in Houston, TX with Tony Gentilcore teaching the first edition of our brand new “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” workshop to a group of 30 awesome trainers.


So much barbecue, and SO. MUCH. HEAT. It was over 100 with the humidity each day, and then I came home to 40 degrees and a snow advisory for the rest of the week. Oh Canada. At least I know that when the weather’s trying to kill me I can put on another jacket, whereas the weather in Texas was trying to kill me by making me turn into a puddle of my very soul.

As you can imagine by the title of the workshop, there was a lot of talk about shoulders and how to develop an awesome training program and get stronger while working through various scenarios (young athlete, old meathead, etc). It was a Shoulder Smackdown Slice of Superlative Serendipity if I do say so myself.

As a cogent, Eric Cressey has recently released a new shoulder continuing education product, and as luck would have it I had a chance to check out an advanced copy a while ago. If anyone geeks out on shoulder stuff more than Tony and I, it’s Eric. The guy is a non-mechanical Terminator when it comes to work productivity and pushing education. At least I think he’s non-mechanical.

The Sturdy Shoulder Solution video series is a combination of webinar-based lectures that dig into some pretty gnarly topics, coupled with hands-on lab videos where he breaks down exercise technique, training considerations, assessments, and other fun things. Here’s a cliff notes table of contents:

  • Simplifying Shoulder Health (Webinar)
  • How Posture Impacts Pain and Performance (Webinar)
  • Important Upper Extremity Functional Anatomy Considerations (Webinar)
  • The Proximal-to-Distal Principle (Webinar)
  • Nuances of the Neck (Webinar)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Webinar)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Webinar)
  • Is Upper Trapezius the Devil? (Lab)
  • The Myth of Normal Range of Motion (Lab)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Lab)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Lab)
  • Good Exercises Gone Bad (Lab)
  • The Myth of Balancing Pushes and Pulls (Lab)

If you have a shoulder or two and want to train other people who also have shoulders, or just want to get more from your own shoulder training, pick up a copy of this series while it’s on sale for only $99 until Sunday.

Click HERE for more info and to purchase your copy