Posted November 28, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: Thanksgiving Edition

I know all my American friends are likely knee deep in mashed potatoes and mid-day football, so I figured I’d give something else to do while trying to avoid discussing politics with your weird uncle.

For those wondering, in Canada we had Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, which is predicated on an earlier harvest than in the states. Now you know.



Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Athens, Greece February 29-March 1, 2020

Click HERE for more info

Maidenhead UK (west of London) March 7-8 2020

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These are the only events we have scheduled for 2020, so if you’re in Europe or just want to get to Europe for a vacation and write it all off as a business expense since you’re coming to a workshop, here’s your big chance.


Stuff From Others

The Inner Circle Podcast Episode 68: Lauren Regula

This podcast with Carrie Doll (from Edmonton) interviews Lauren Regula, a pitcher for the Canadian women’s softball team who was just invited back for her third Olympics and who I also went to high school with. It’s amazing to see how her sporting career has unfolded, plus she has a ton of awesome info for balancing work in a new gym as a trainer/coach, parenting, and her training for the Olympics.


Sturdy Shoulder Solutions Black Friday Sale from Eric Cressey

The Sturdy Shoulder Solution video series is a combination of webinar-based lectures that dig into some pretty gnarly topics, coupled with hands-on lab videos where he breaks down exercise technique, training considerations, assessments, and other fun things. Here’s a cliff notes table of contents:

  • Simplifying Shoulder Health (Webinar)
  • How Posture Impacts Pain and Performance (Webinar)
  • Important Upper Extremity Functional Anatomy Considerations (Webinar)
  • The Proximal-to-Distal Principle (Webinar)
  • Nuances of the Neck (Webinar)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Webinar)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Webinar)
  • Is Upper Trapezius the Devil? (Lab)
  • The Myth of Normal Range of Motion (Lab)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Lab)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Lab)
  • Good Exercises Gone Bad (Lab)
  • The Myth of Balancing Pushes and Pulls (Lab)

If you have a shoulder or two and want to train other people who also have shoulders, or just want to get more from your own shoulder training, pick up a copy of this series while it’s on sale for only $149 until Monday.

Click HERE for more info and to purchase your copy


8 Ways to Stand OutWith Integrity in an Industry that has Little – Jill Coleman via

The fitness industry has a lot of dark corners to it, and it’s unfortunate that the more time I spend in it the more I see shady characters taking advantage of people, not representing themselves honestly, or just being straight up thieves. This article shows some ways forward for both new and experienced trainers, plus anyone who operates any element of their business in an online sphere.


Money Management for Personal Trainers – Lana Sova via

This was an outstanding birds-eye view of the fitness industry struggles with personal finance. It’s always a challenge to balance financing when things are going well and your clients are showing up regularly, but when vacations or cold/flu season hit and you’re making 20-30% less than usual, it can be a daunting task to stay in the black. Lana lays out some excellent recommendations in this post. As an extension on her retirement savings point, check out this Savings Calculator from to see how much you should have in savings by age groups to see if you’re on track.


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