Posted February 7, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: Post Groundhog Day Edition

I still can’t believe we look to small domestic rodents to predict the weather. In Edmonton even if he sees his shadow, it’s a guarantee we have at least another 6 weeks of winter.

So let’s go through some stuff to help keep you warm



The Complete Trainers Toolbox is a collaborative product featuring Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Dr. Sarah Duvall, Luke Worthington, Dr. Sam Spinelli, Alex Kraszewski, Meghan Callaway, Kellie Davis, and yours truly. We’re launching it on Tuesday February 12th, so get ready to have your minds blown.

The product isn’t live yet, so just be patient and we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.


Workshop Stuff

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is coming to the following locations in 2019:

Philadelphia, PA April 27-28
Edmonton, Alberta Canada Ma7 25-26
Sydney Australia July 13-14
Singapore, Republic of Singapore July 20-21

Click HERE for more information and to register. Early bird pricing is still available for each location, so register now to save some money.





I had the opportunity to appear on a bunch of really great podcasts in the past few weeks:

3 Things Podcast with Casey LeeiTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud

FitnessProfessional Online Podcast with Eric Malzone – Click HERE to listen

The Lifestyle Chase with Chris Liddle – Click HERE for iTunes, and search “Lifestyle Chase” for other podcast hosting sites



For those old-school folks who like to read words written with letters, here’s a few articles to satiate your desires.


What 3 Hybrid Physical Therapist/Strength Coaches Want You To Know About Pain, Exercise and

This was an awesome article with solid overviews of pain science, movement competency, and approaches very knowledgeable and practically skilled professionals use when describing pain or movement issues to their clients and patients.


6 Random Thoughts On Programming for and Coaching Young AthletesMike Robertson

One thing I love about reading Mike’s work is seeing where we agree and where he sheds light on potential blind spots I have in my own approaches. I picked out a lot of blind spots on this piece.


The Big Toe and the SquatTony Gentilcore

One of the first places I look when coaching someone’s squat is at their feet to see what’s happening during their eccentric phase. Tony writes a great outline of why feet on the squat matter, but specifically where that cheeky big toe may wind up in some less than perfect examples of squatting success.


Enjoy the rest of the week and stay warm, fam!