Posted February 28, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: Polar Vortex Edition

It’s still winter. Edmonton saw it’s coldest February in over 40 years.

So let’s warm up with some snuggly gooey toasty goodness in todays episode of STUFF.


Workshop STUFF

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is doing a mini-world tour, with stops coming to a city near you. If you have shoulders and hips, train clients or patients with shoulders and/or hips, and want to learn a ton of usable information on how to build and coach the best program possible for those shoulders and/or hips, this is the workshop for you.

We also include the digital video series level 1 of this workshop for free so you can be up to speed on all the background concepts before we dive into this level 2 workshop, plus some other incredibly valuable goodies that we give to attendees.

Upcoming dates:

Philadelphia – April 27-28

Edmonton – May 25-26

Sydney Australia – July 13-14

Singapore – July 20-21

CLICK HERE for Philadelphia, Edmonton and Sydney date info and to register

CLICK HERE for Singapore date info and to register


Social Media STUFF



Curated STUFF

Why Trainers Hate Crunches – MyFitnessPal

I contributed to this article and showed why there are so many other beneficial exercises you could do for core training other than simple crunches. If you want to spice up your routine, give these a go.


3 Reasons to Introduce a Super Expensive Training Option in your Gym – Pete Dupuis

This isn’t about being expensive just to be expensive. Want to know some things people happily pay a lot of money for?

Business class seating
Waygu beef steaks
Purses (seriously, there are $10,000 bags out there)
Skin creams – I had a discussion with an organic chemist for Estelle Lauder who said the markup for some creams was in the neighbourhood of 30,000%

Can your training program offer a similar level of luxury experience? Much of this may come down to being an absolute customer service ninja, and part of it is creating the image of the best provider out there. Either be the cheapest in your market or the most expensive, because you’ll likely wither in the middle.


5 Exercises that Develop Eccentric Strength of the Hamstrings – Meghan Callaway

Eccentric hamstring control and strength are major indicators of risk of injury to the knees and hamstrings, so you’d better read this if you are a sprinter or COD type athlete.


Top 7 Pain-Free Hacks for a Safer, Stronger Deadlift – Lee Boyce via

You had me at deadlifts.


The Ultimate Shoulder Day – Andrew Coates via

It’s awesome to see good friends get a nod on T-Nation. Congrats on the first of what will likely be many articles featured on the site bud.