Posted January 3, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: New Years 2019 Edition

If you were anything like me, you spent New Years Eve at home and were in bed by 10. The life of a party animal, am I right?

Cool. Let’s dive right into the stuff.


Workshop Stuff

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Tony Gentilcore and I are continuing our new content series with dates in Philadelphia PA (April 27-28), Edmonton AB Canada (May 25-26), Sydney Australia (July 13-14), and even better, all events are available for early bird rates and continuing education credits.

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Social Media Stuff

Squatting with your knees past your toes won't make your knees explode.a weak VMO doesn't cause patellar tracking…

Posted by Dean Somerset on Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Other Stuff

Muscle & Strength Pyramids

This is a really cool resource with a TON of scientific research, real-world applications, and actionable steps any reader can use to get more from their training and nutrition, immediately. Authored by Dr. Eric Helms, Andy Morgan, and Andrea Valdez, this resource should be a must-have on any trainer, nutritionist, or exercise fanatic’s digital bookshelves. You can also select either the training pyramid, the nutrition pyramid, or both.

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Pain Free Performance podcast – Landon Poburan

I had the chance to sit down and discuss training, injuries, and life in the frozen tundra of Edmonton with a fellow Edmontonian, Landon Poburan.

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Evolve Strength Will Kill Your Boring Gym – Xenia Kavoun

This was a pretty interesting read, as it was about the gym I train at, and from the point of view of the consumer, not simply marketing drivel from someone who thinks they know what a consumer would want.

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Your Hips Don’t Go Out Of Place – Barbell Rehab

This was an awesome piece that goes into some of the anatomical elements that may or may not contribute to a hip “going out.” It’s sort of like a slipped disc, which is somewhat non-specific, and likely to not ever happen in reality.

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Alright you bunch of hooligans, stop curling in the squat rack, spitting in the garbage, and unlace the construction boots you’re wearing into the gym, and give these stuffs a look. Enjoy!