Posted September 28, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: End of September Edition

It’s hard to think that we’re already into fall, or as we in Edmonton call it, “winter with leaves on trees.”

Speaking Schedule

Vienna Austria October 19th – Scientific Mobility Training

Athens Greece February 29-March 1 2020 – Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Maidenhead UK (just west of London) March 7-8 2020 – Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Click HERE for event specifics & to register


Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint videos – LAST DAY OF THE




  • Full assessment of upper body movement, plus breakouts on how to address any specific limitations
  • Shoulder stability training beyond isolational movements or segments
  • advanced coaching for thoracic mobility, breathing mobility and directly impacting shoulder mobility as a result of these
  • mastering your bench press set up
  • foot, ankle and knee influence over hip function, assessment and troubleshooting on all of these
  • perfecting your squat set up based on your anatomical limits.
  • Total body tension considerations for maximal lifts
  • programming for various considerations, plus overlying themes and strategies to build the best programs for your clients

The sale only lasts until tomorrow at midnight, so act quick to get your copy before the price goes up.

Click HERE for more info and to get your copy today!


What if You Stopped Worrying About Employees Developing Personal Brands? – Pete Dupuis

This was a fantastic read outlining some of the business thoughts from a facility manager about employees building more of a social media presence, and the actual impacts it can have on the brands of the organization they work for.


3 Thoughts for Getting the Glutes Going – Eric Cressey

Big muscles play big roles, and often multiple synergistic roles, so with one of the largest muscles in the body by volume, you have to know what they do other than hip extensions and helping influencers get more followers.


Dark Man X: The Resurrection –

Not gonna lie, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was on serious replay during my high school and university days. Some of the best workout songs came from that album, and if you’re unfamiliar, give it a listen. This piece gave a great connection to the guy who wrote those songs.


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