Posted May 29, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: End of May Edition

So how’s the week treating you so far? Going on any good vacations in the next few weeks? Taking any time for you? That’s nice.

Well, I guess it’s good that I have a jam-packed Stuff post to keep you entertained until you get some sweet days off.



Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint –

Sydney Australia July 13-14

Melbourne Australia July 20-21

Tony Gentilcore and I just finished a couple of workshops in Philadelphia and this past weekend in Edmonton, and are looking to go down under for a couple more.

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The early bird rate for the Australia workshops is still in effect for another 2 weeks, so register now to save $100 and get some sweet unadvertised free bonuses.

Click HERE for more info and to register


NSCA Alberta Provincial Clinic – Edmonton AB, June 8th at SVPT Athletics & Training

This one is only a little over a week away, featuring some awesome presenters like Ryan Vigneau, Patrick Szpak, Robert Linkul, Joel Jackson, Syl Lemelin, and Lee Brandon. Oh, and I’ll talk about something too.

Click HERE for more info and to register


Evolve Canadian Strength Symposium – Edmonton AB, September 14-15 at University of Alberta

Featuring Bryan Krahn, Greg Nuckols, Lee Boyce, Leigh Peele, Marc Morris, Meghan Callaway, Hannah Gray, EJ Parris, Carolyn MacDonald and yours truly, this will become one of the premier fitness conferences in Canada, and you’ll want to be there for the first ever one here in Edmonton.

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Scientific Applications of Mobility Training – Vienna Austria, October 19

Ever wanted to know to get the most scientifically-backed results for improving mobility? How do different mobility tools affect structural physiology to allow a new range of motion, and how can you assess and design a highly specific training program for your clients to improve their range of motion as much as possible? I dig deep into the research and bring out this gem of a workshop in beautiful Vienna, Austria. Space is very limited and filling up quick, so join me post-Oktoberfest for some learning.

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Other Stuff to Check Out

Dr. Lisa Lewis on the Fitness Devil Podcast

It’s not uncommon for fitness professionals to need some help improving their motivational techniques, understanding behavioural issues from themselves of their clients, and other big psychological workplace elements that can have a big impact on their ability to train and reach their clients. That’s why I’m happy Dr. Lisa is putting out more and more accessible content for fitness pros, and this podcast is a great example.

Side note: She’s also doing a 3-hour “pre-conference” at the Melbourne Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint workshop, so if you’re around and want to hear her drop awesomeness in person, register for that sucker.


How to Get Clients While Working in a Commercial Gym – Tony Gentilcore

Yep. Pretty much every trainer SHOULD spend the first few years or more of their career working in a commercial gym. I’m a bit biased as I spent 13 years in one, but the growth you see from that and the structure can be something you take with you for the rest of your career.


Subscapularis 101 – Eric Cressey

Who knew you could dig deep into a single muscle of the rotator cuff for 6 minutes? Eric did. Check out this short and info-packed video.


How Sex, Strength, and Age Affect Strength Gains in Powerlifters – Greg Nuckols on

This was an incredibly thorough analysis on the breadth of literature available on age and gender related performance outcomes with competitive powerlifters.


Social Media Highlights

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Tight/stiff upper back and shoulders? You need this all up in your life. I showed this different way to get active thoracic extension this weekend in mine and @tonygentilcore’s “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” and I think it instantly made half of the room an inch taller. Probably not, but that would be so cool if it did. This drill uses the band around the shoulders as feedback for shoulder protraction, but also as a feedback point for where you’re trying to get the extension. Often people will just drop into a big hinge at their TL junction, or the vertebral segment that joins your rib cage to your low back. Hinging here means no real thoracic extension happens, even if you get decent total extension. 🏋️‍♀️ Protract into the wall like you’re trying to push your sternum as far away from the wall as possible. Make sure you aren’t flexing or rounding your upper back to get that protraction, as going deeper into flexion wont help you get much extension 🏋️‍♀️ think of actively pulling your back around the band into extension while keeping the abs braced to prevent gliding into a TL hinge. You likely won’t get too far if you keep it strict. 🏋️‍♀️ Press your hips back to “pull” into that extension, still not letting go of the core bracing 🏋️‍♀️ Breathe, dammit Give this a shot and see what you think.

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