Posted March 28, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: End of March Edition

Are you still working towards a New Year’s resolution? Fallen off the wagon entirely? Cool. I want to help out. I put High Tensile Strength on a permanent price discount. You can get the gold package for just $77 for 6 full months of ready-made programming.

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Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint workshop

Tony Gentilcore and I have dates set coming up in the following cities for the “level 2” workshop:

  • Philadelphia PA, April 27-28  **EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS THIS WEEKEND!!!
  • Edmonton Alberta Canada, May 25-26
  • Sydney Australia July 13-14
  • Melbourne Australia July 20-21


“Psych Skills for Fitness Pros” with Dr. Lisa Lewis

What bogs or stresses most trainers/coaches out isn’t the art of program design, assessment, or breaking down exercise technique. Rather, it’s dealing with and working around our client’s “stuff.”

This pre-seminar, Friday July 19th from 12:30pm-3:30pm, with Dr. Lisa Lewis will cover:

– How to foster and build motivation with clients.

– Developing behavioral change techniques.


We offer financing options to split the payments up over 2 months, group discounts for groups of 3 or more, continuing education credits, the digital video version of our “level 1” workshop that this current material builds upon, and free pony rides.*

*You have to bring the pony

Click HERE for more info & to register


Scientific Mobility Training – Vienna Austria October 19 2019

This workshop will go through most up to date info on best practices for developing range of motion, plus practical applications on making every muscle sore and bendy all at once. Space is limited so if you happen to want to check out Austria and learn about mobility, this is the workshop for you!!

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Other Fun Stuff


Set Point Theory: Does Your Body Defend Against Fat Loss? – Brad Dieter

This was a great review of the research on whether you have a set body weight you’ll return to if you diet, gain weight, whatevs. Can you actually change weight long term? read on.


The Science of Finding the Perfect Squat – Dr. John Rusin

I’m glad to see more coaches understanding that you don’t have to always squat with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward, just like shown in the text book. Everyone’s different, roll with it.


Complete Deadlift Warm up – Mathew Ibrahim via

Did someone say deadlifts?


Why Fitness Industry Hiring is Different Than You Think – Eric Cressey

On the back of my post a few weeks ago about the 1 year anniversary of starting my own training business, this post gives a bit of insight into how a gym or studio might look to hire based not just on whether you’ve memorized all the muscles and bones in the body, but whether you actually know a thing or two about coaching a warm human being.