Posted November 3, 2019

Stuff to Check Out: Daylight Savings Edition

So who actually slept in for an extra hour this morning, versus just waking up an hour earlier than usual? I woke up early, hence me writing something small on a Sunday morning like this.


Upcoming Schedule

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Athens Greece February 29 – March 1 2020

Click HERE for details and to register

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Maidenhead UK (just west of London) March 7 – 8 2020

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Tony Gentilcore and I have now presented the content of this seminar in 9 different countries, to over 600 fitness professionals, medical professionals and even average Joes and Janes who just love hearing a swarthy Canadian and Upper New York Boston transplant talk about shoulders and hips for a weekend. If you are in Europe, this may be the last time we present this content, so jump on it.

Ultimate Pullup Guide – sale ends tonight

Meghan Callaway crushed it with this very in-depth e-book guide to all things pullup. She has it on sale, ending tonight at midnight, for 40% off the regular price, plus a combo pack with her “Ultimate Landmine Training Guide” for a very sweet low price too. Get yours today and start becoming a pullup machine.

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What I Learned From 15,000 Training Sessions in a Commercial Gym – Me via

This came up as a recent re-share from the PTDC so I thought it would be a good time to re-up it here too.


What if You Stopped Worrying About Employees Having Personal Brands? – Pete Dupuis

When I started expanding my online presence, it would have been very easy for the gym I worked at to say I wasn’t allowed to do it and stifle any potential business development that may have come from it. Thankfully they saw the benefit of letting me write articles, film videos, and teach workshops, and hopefully this article will help reaffirm why it’s a good decision long-term for commercial gym owners to do the same.


Twitter, Facebook and Acting Responsibly –

This was a fascinating look at the internal struggles to manage social media sites in terms of not weaponizing content, spreading harmful and/or inaccurate information, and protecting individuals rights to free expression at the same time. Twitter just announced it won’t allow political candidates to spend on ad buys, but is that the right move?


Does “Feel” Matter with Core Stability Exercise? – Eric Cressey

I’ve had this same conversation with a lot of clients too. Some feel like they’re being ripped apart with a basic positional hold, and others feel like nothing is happening. Should they be the same or is there different goals with different exercises, different reasons to do an exercise, and different outcomes that you’re looking for even in the same exercise prescribed for different reasons?


Zoe’s Animal rescue Society – Dolly’s Dream Life

Our dog Dolly is famous! We rescued her from Thailand a few years ago, and here’s a bit of her story.


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