Posted November 13, 2018

Stuff to Check Out: Cold November Rain Edition

I’m pretty sure if Axl Rose were to write a song like “November Rain” in Canada, it would just be called “Snow.” The melody would be different and probably have some references to hockey, but I’m pretty sure the main gist of the entire song would be the same.


Workshop Stuff

We’re in Los Angeles THIS COMING WEEKEND and still have a few spots left. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the fires, but should be safe from everything where we are in the middle of West Hollywood.

We just taught a sweet workshop in Slovenia, so hitting up LA will be a bit of a different cultural experience, but we’re down for it.

This past weekend VigorGround hosted another continuing education event featuring world-class coaches, with Dean…

Posted by VigorGround on Monday, October 22, 2018

We also have upcoming dates in Detroit (Feb 9-10), Philadephia (April 27-28) and Edmonton (May 25-26)

Click HERE for more info on upcoming events

If you’re not planning to come to any of our events, you can check out the first version of the workshop, and funny enough it’s been just over 2 years since we released it to the public.

Click HERE to get the first version


Other Stuff

No, You Can’t Do a Marathon On Your Couch –

This was a very in depth breakdown on a somewhat questionable product, including a quote from yours truly.


Do I Need a Strength and Conditioning Certification as a Physiotherapist? – Eric Bowman

This was a great read, and it’s awesome to see many physiotherapists getting involved in the strength and conditioning world. Hopefully more trainers take initiative to shadow physiotherapists to see where they can assist and how they can work together. This is a great start.

The Inundation of Corrective Exercise in Strength and Conditioning Makes Me Want To Throw My Face Through a Brick Wall – Tony Gentilcore

Impressively, in spite of a 20 word title complete with the word “inundation” it’s not the best part of this article. Tony’s client is the best part.


How Much Should a Personal Trainer Keep Personal? – Hayden Perno via

As you can imagine, I prefer to let who I am come through in my writing, social media, and professional appearances. There’s a few things I don’t discuss openly, but when it comes to personal interests, hobbies, etc there’s way more upside to sharing that kind of stuff than there is a downside. This article delves into the risks and benefits of what you share, plus who you attract with that kind of content.


Social Media Stuff

Intermittent fasting is a fantastic tool to help someone schedule their food intake to create a caloric deficit, which…

Posted by Dean Somerset on Sunday, November 4, 2018