Posted January 9, 2018

Stuff You Should Check Out: Resolution Edition

I’ve worked out every day since I started vacation back on December 21st, so I have that going for me.

How’s your training program going? Getting in the time and making the weights quake?

If not, you probably need a program to follow, so do yourself a solid and check out my High Tensile Strength to start 2018 out right.

You get a 6 month semi-custom training program to help you get the results you’re looking for.

If you’re convenient to Edmonton and want to look into training with me, I’m moving into my new facility in the next week, so we should definitely meet up to discuss how I can help you get more awesome.

If you’re interested, fire me an email HERE and we can discuss.



February 3-4th, Vancouver BC, Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

This one is me running solo, and the very last iteration of this workshop being taught EVER. There’s still a few spaces left, so act quickly to get your spot.


May 4-5, Kansas City Missouri, The Fitness Summit 10th Annual Spectacular

Registration is currently open for returning attendees ONLY, and will open to new attendees January 15th. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it as it’s one of the more social events of the year, and a great place to network, plus hear world-class speakers talk about what they know best. And, barbecue.


Other Stuff

Double-Podcast Appearance with Lindsay Somerset and myself on The Fitness Devil You Know

My wife is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and in her podcast she discusses mental health, training at a highly competitive level, and what she observes in the fitness industry.

In my podcast, I talk about changing business models, Gilmour Girls, and stuff you shouldn’t put in your butt. Seriously. Stop it.


The longest grind of a squat in the history of ever

PR Friday! Squats were feeling like rusty buckets of smashed bumholes this morning so I thought that would be a good…

Posted by Hannah Gray on Friday, January 5, 2018

I timed this out to 4 seconds of zero bar movement, so Hannah’s grit to stick with this is insane.


How Confident Are You in What You Know? – Eric Helms via 3D Muscle Journey

This was a fantastic article outlining how much power different types of evidence have, and how closely that evidence points to the actual truth of the matter.


The Best Fitness Articles of 2017 – The PTDC

I made it on to this list, which is pretty cool considering I didn’t write nearly a much last year as I should have or have in comparison to previous years.


Podcast on Iraki Nutrition

I’m sharing the FB link for this one as it gives links to both the iTunes and Youtube links, but for those without the Book of Faces, click HERE for the iTunes link and HERE for the Youtube link.


Move 2 Live podcast Appearance

You’re going to get sick of hearing me talk about stuff.


The Power of Moments – Chip and Dan Heath

One of the books I’m currently reading, this discusses how you can create a meaningful and life-altering moment in someone, and how it can be positive or negative.


The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone – Brian Merchant

Another book I’m reading, this one outlines the history of development and implementation of one of the best selling products of all time. From lithium mines in the Chilean desert to the Large Hadron Collider and the development of multi-touch technology, this book touches on all of the elements that went into building an iPhone, the good the bad and the ugly.


Social Media Highjinx

I made a point to put daily content onto Instagram and other media outlets while I had the time to do so, and I think people were enjoying the video tutorials. What seemed to be the biggest hits were re-shared pithy bits of wisdom from Twitter, and the odd meme.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!