Posted May 28, 2014

Stuff You Should Check Out: It’s June Already?? Edition

I can’t believe it’s almost June. This year is just flying by. Maybe it’s the fact that the last remnants of snow just melted a few weeks ago, but it seems like the winter was never ending this year. It’s kind of a tease the fact that everything is blooming now and we usually have amazingly nice summers in Edmonton, but it will all come to an end soon enough as I’m guessing winter snow will be coming back around the beginning of November. Enough about the weather small talk, let’s get to the stuff you should check out.

Training = Rehab: Lateralizations & Regressions


This is a video series from Charlie Weingroff that’s a definite game changer. I’ll admit I haven’t gone through all of the videos yet, but from what i have seen he raises some very interesting questions, gives some solid answers, discusses how the human system works in both injured and optimal states, and how to train almost everyone. He’s also an extremely entertaining speaker, which makes viewing the videos even easier.

The DVD series is on sale until Saturday for $20 off. It’s a great series to help any trainer step their game up. I highly recommend anything from Charlie.

===>Click HERE for more info on Lateralizations & Regressions <===

Dean & Tony’s Awesome Workshop: London and Washington

In a plot line straight out of 007, Tony Gentilcore and myself will be invading multiple nations’ capitals in our most excellent workshop tour with dates in London and Washington. We finally managed to square up a location in Washington, and the London location will be in a neighbourhood famous for British celebrity spotting. Plus, we made this cool video:

If you’re interested in attending either workshop or just seeing the stuff were going to be discussing, or looking at awesome pics of Tony and I, click the link for all the info.

==> Come to DEAN & TONY’S AWESOME WORKSHOP & deadliftathon <===

(No guarantees Tony won’t want to blast Tiesto and fist pump all the time)

Coregasm Survey: We need your input!!

Last week I put up a post about a question Bret Contreras and I have been working on: what anatomical mechanism could possibly cause exercise-induced orgasms. We’ve had a lot of great feedback through an anonymous survey, but we could always use more. If you haven’t checked out the post or submitted a survey response, please help us out!!

Coregasm post article: 6 Ways to Banish Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a big contentious point in the fitness world. Some say you can’t have a good workout without feeling sore for a couple of days following, some say it’s the biggest detriment of performance gains, and everyone agrees it just plain sucks to feel sore and stiff all the time. This article looks at some simple ways you can help reduce soreness following a workout, and help you get back into the swing of things again faster than if you were to just sit on the couch.

===> Click here to get less sore <===

Quick Mention in Men’s Health

I got quoted in the June 2014 issue of Men’s Health for an article of core training. Here’s a quick pic of the article.


Go pick up a copy to see the entire thing.

Real People. Real Results: I need your help

One of my amazing clients was featured in our company as a Spotlight Member. What this means is she gets a free years membership to the gym, and is also in the running for a trip for two to Mexico. The great thing isn’t the fact that she’s my client, but her back story and why she continues to come to the gym to train. You see, she’s survived cancer twice. She’s still on oral chemo, yet still comes to the gym on a regular basis, takes weekly Zumba classes, and tries to bike or run when she cans. She also runs her own cooking and catering company, hosts international culinary tours, and appears on tv on a regular basis to promote healthy eating and locally sourced food options.

It would mean the world to me if you could take a second to vote for her to go to Mexico. I get nothing from this except the satisfaction that one of my clients and their hard work is getting recognized by more than just myself.


===> Click here to Vote For Gail <===

That should do it for today. Enjoy your HumpDay!!!