Posted July 1, 2014

Stuff to Check Out: Canada Day Edition

Today is a national holiday in Canada. It’s sort of our version of the US celebrating Independence Day, just 3 days earlier and on a Tuesday. As a result, I’m only training a few clients today, plus watching Lindsay ride her bike in a circle with a bunch of other girls in spandex really really fast. There may be some barbecue, I might stand in my back yard with my hose and no pants this evening watering my lawn, you know just average Canadian stuff.


Since I have so much frivolity to happen today, I wanted to keep this post somewhat short and sweet, and highlight a few cool things to keep you occupied during this period of the year where there’s absolutely no sports happening anywhere in the world. I mean, now that hockey, basketball, and football aren’t currently on, there’s literally no other sports occurring anywhere, as that’s all of them, right?

Individual Workout Plans

The fine folks at have been bending over backwards to help me reach a wider audience, and one aspect they’ve put together is a couple of one-month training programs designed by yours truly. The beauty of this program is the access to their app, which is one of the slickest ones I’ve seen to date. Their user interface is super easy to follow, and it even schedules the workouts into your calendar for you.

They normall charge $19.99 per month for their individual programs, but because I’m special and I love you so much, they put together some coupons for getting each month for only $10. Just enter the coupon code dsfocusgroup10 at checkout and get working.

Here’s the link for the 4 day per week program ===> Click HERE

And here’s the link for the 3 day per week program ===> Click HERE

Additionally, I have a premium workout group set up with them and have put together 4 months of progressive programming, as well as some special content. Each month I put up a new workout which means you can have a consistent training program updated on the site, and also get video tutorials on how to do everything, all while using the app.



To get in on the group, just Click HERE and get ready for the awesome.

Eric Cressey Article on T-Nation

Eric had an article published last week called “Bosu Ball: The Good The Bad and the Ugly” in which he talks about the merits and drawbacks of training with unstable surfaces. As with anything, the toll has specific applications, and when used properly produces good results. If you try to use a hammer as a level, you’re going to have bad results. One tool isn’t going to be the end all be all, but it can have some benefits when warranted.

“You’re All a Bunch of Pathetic Weaklings” Says a Steroid Using Powerlifter – Bret Contreras

This was a fantastic article written by Bret outlining howmuch of an advantage steroid use can give, and how some of the strongest and biggest dudes in the world pump enough crank to win the Kentucky Derby. I’ve never dealt with that aspect of the health and fitness industry directly, nor have I ever used steroids myself, but it was amazing to see how well Bret broke this concept down.

Dean & Tony’s Awesome Workshop

Tony Gentilcore and I are looking to take our awesome workshop on the road to begin our mini- world tour, with the first stop being London, UK on September 13-14 at The Third Space in Soho. This is looking to be an awesome venue for the workshop, and the class is filling up really fast.

Next, we’re off to Washington, DC on October 18-19 at Underground Strength.┬áMaybe we’ll set up for yoga in the mall, or maybe some pilates under the Washington Monument, but most likely we’ll just deadlift more plates than a wedding registry and smash more protein than is normally recommended for and individual consumption.

===> Click HERE to register and for more info <===

How I Fought Stage Four Cancer and Won – Twice

This was an amazingly inspirational piece by Alwyn Cosgrove. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of cancer patients, both in the gym and also in research settings, so I understand how amazingly terrible chemotherapy is on the body, and I really appreciate Alwyn sharing this story. I’ll buy you a beer if we meet in the future, dude.