Muscle Imbalances revealed: Lower Body

Learn from the best in the industry as the discuss muscle imbalances, how to detect them, and how to fix them easily and effectively!!

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What Guys Who are a Way Bigger Deal than I am Are Saying:

Dr. Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS; Head Athletic Trainer, Boston Red Sox

“This was a fun program to watch and I learned something from each of the presentations.  Highlights to me were the talks by Roberston, Hartman, and Somerset.  Somerset in particular had great information on fascia that I think we often times neglect.  This is a program I enjoyed and recommend, it is a pretty good resource and value.”

Eric Cressey, MSc., CSCS, Owner, Cressey Performance, all-around bad-ass

Dean spoke at length about the role of fascia in governing movement.  In the past, I’ve written at length about how we may have terrible x-rays, MRIs, or other diagnostic imaging – and be completely pain-free.  Well, as Dean discusses, we can have a boatload of pain, but absolutely nothing abnormal on these images.  In fact, 85% of lower back pain has no definitive diagnosis – so what gives?  Well, this is where fascia comes in.  We’re talking about the entire extracellular matrix of the body.  It’s proprioceptively-rich and incredibly strong – yet it doesn’t really get any of the attention it deserves.  Ever had annoying pain that went away with soft tissue work?  Here’s a rationale for “why” it went away.

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