Posted September 15, 2016

Podcast Q & A with Dr. Stuart McGill

Today I have a podcast with Dr. Stuart McGill where I asked him a whole bunch of questions and he was kind enough to fill about 90% of the time with his insights.

He’s a very animated speaker, so watching the video gives you a solid understanding of what’s happening, but the audio at the bottom can be downloaded so you can hear what’s going on while driving around or just doing whatever it is when you listen to podcasts.

For some reason the audio on the video didn’t come out that great, but I was able to mix the audio file below to make it a lot more smooth and clear.

To get a copy of the books mentioned in the podcast, just click here:

Click HERE for access to Dr. McGill’s books


Show Notes

1:00 – Stu’s own superhero backstory that lead to him getting involved in spine research

5:55 – funniest attributes given to Stu from someone who heard something he said out of context.

9:42 – Where Stu feels the fitness industry is heading over the next 5-10 years

14:50 – What trainers should do to minimize risk for their clients in their normal clients, even though they have a presence of asymptomatic structural issues.

23:30 – how a trainer can assess for potential injuries, and train according to what the person can tolerate

26:01 – how a trainer can assess and program appropriately within a group training setting

36:21 – how evidence-based pain science relates to biomechanics and the psychosocial model work together

51:42 – Stu’s thoughts on the Jefferson curl exercise, and whether it’s something that should be done

58:02 – should you stretch or not? It’s very individual.

1:01:44 – How does Stu recommend developing a safe program

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