Posted March 15, 2017

Podcast Episode #9: Kamal Patel, Director of

Today’s podcast has a bit of a nutritional flavour to it with Kamal Patel dropping knowledge about different supplements. Kamal is the director of, and also has had a few guest appearances on this site, namely THIS article, and has been behind some other great posts on different supplements like Creatine,Vitamin D, Whey protein, and fish oil.


This talk had a bunch of awesome content to it on a variety of different subjects:

Show notes:

4:19 – origins of and how it came to be, from an idea into a highly popular informational site.

9:20 – the Human Effect Matrix, and how important it is in research and nutrition.

13:24 – A supplement that’s surprised Kamal with how impactful it can be on your health. Hint: it’s cheap and easy to get, and you can’t really get too much of it.

19:27 – a stack of supplements that could help out with anxiety, plus some lifestyle modifications to make to manage anxiety more effectively, all of which I spectacularly fail at once.

25:39 – Common misconceptions the general population has about different supplements

30:43 – what’s next for a game-changing internet-based company and how they plan to expand, improve, and adapt to current research and reader requirements.

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This week is celebrating their 6th anniversary of being a thing, so they’re putting all of their resources on sale.

  • Supplement Goals Reference – $24.99 (instead of $49.99)
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  • Yearly ERD – $249.90 instead of $299.90/year
  • Lifetime ERD – $599 instead of $999

The sale ends March 17, 2017 at midnight est, so this is a short window to take advantage of and get some solid info on supplements, research, and other things that make you sound smart at parties, all while saving a few duckets.


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