Posted December 8, 2017

Podcast Episode #14: Mike Israetel

Today’s episode of the podcast comes with a discussion on all things hypertrophy with Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization.

I had the pleasure to listen to Mike talk about all things muscle back in September as part of the L2 Fitness Summit, and wanted to go deep into his thoughts on how to program for beginners, elite bodybuilders, best plans of action for busy professionals, and what realistic gains for both men and women could actually be.

To learn more about Mike:

Website: Renaissance Periodization

Instagram: @rpdrmike

Facebook: Mike Israetel


To learn more about hypertrophy from Mike and get a deeper dive into the concepts and application, check out his presentation during the L2 Fitness Summit video series. The package is on sale for only $97 until December 10th at midnight.

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