Posted June 6, 2017

Podcast Episode #10: James Fell from Bodyforwife

It’s been a while since I put together a podcast and since I wasn’t about to just throw anything up there, I wanted to wait until I got a quality appearance and some good content before hitting you up with another episode, and today is exactly that.

I wanted to have a podcast that did more than just talk shop with other like-minded people, but that could tell some excellent stories and give perspectives we normally don’t see or hear about in fitness. Today I have James Fell, an internationally syndicated columnist who works with the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and has been featured in, Time, and Chatelaine to name a few.

His website, is a great resource if people want some solid fitness information delivered with way more swear words and blunt force trauma than I normally deliver. He’s had the great opportunity to interview dozens of celebrities from music, movies, and television (as well as some pop culture icons) about their health, fitness, and dietary habits, so I thought it would be amazing to have him on to discuss the different people he’s talked with, who impressed him, who didn’t impress him, and who his dream interviews would be.

As a side, he and I were en route to a conference in Kansas City on the same inbound flight, but wound up having to spend the night in Chicago together, and I can report he barely snores at all.


Show Notes

3:33 – How James was able to position himself to interview all of the celebrities he’s worked with

7:43 РPhil Collin, guitarist for Def Leppard,  bonding over Vitamix blenders, kickboxing displays, and phone calls in Japan

10:48 – Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys and his coming to God moment following addictions and how fitness helped change his life around.

11:31 – the 300 workout, and how every one of the actors hated the diet and training components needed to get into on-screen shape

14:02 – Hugh Jackman in getting ready for filming Wolverine, and how he loves the title of James’ website Body For Wife

18:10 – Cameron Diaz and her love of actually lifting heavy weights.

23:00 – JWoww from Jersey Shore, and how low of a bar celebrity really is

25:23 – Myth Busters, and how they have a surprisingly physical training regimen to do all of their experiments

28:32 – Chris Hadfield, astronaut, and the demands of space travel, working out in zero gravity, and and how meticulously detailed and measured NASA is with their astronauts.

33:25 – Gene Simmons from Kiss, and how politics was apparently more important than the interview topics.

37:30 – goal interviews James has for the future.


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