Posted August 31, 2015

Make Your Ab Workout 5 Times Harder (Give or Take)

Ab training is pretty much ubiquitous in the fitness industry, with everyone touting their secrets to flat abs, diet teas, and waist training techniques that are founded on theories that sound good in the mind until you see they don’t really do much. Want to have good abs? Pick the right parents, eat to get lean, and have enough exercise to make the muscles develop some peaks along the way. That said, if you want strong abs, you’ll have to work a lot harder.



Today I had a few quotes featured in an article on Men’s Health’s website. In it I discuss how using maximum forced exhalation breathing can add a world of hurt and intensity to your core training, and how to use it effectively to feel a level of muscle contractions you’ve never felt in your abs before.

Click HERE to read the article on Men’s Health


To learn more about how breathing techniques like these can help you get stronger, faster, and fitter than ever before, you should check out Advanced Core Training, my latest video seminar series. In it I outline the core training continuum and how to vary your breathing to get the most benefit from your mobility, strength, speed, and reactive exercises so you can become the unstoppable beast you were meant to be.

That, or just look like you actually work out and know what you’re doing in a gym for once in your life.


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