Posted August 20, 2019

How to Get Through “Tight” Hip Flexors

Today’s post is a quick hit on stuff you can do if you run into a common problem a lot of people find: tight hip flexors.

While “tight” can be a pretty broad term, it usually comes down to a couple key scenarios:

  1. The hip flexor muscles are working hard and get tired and sore
  2. The hip flexor muscles compensate for something else not working properly, and get tired and sore
  3. The hip flexor muscles are on all the time and never get a chance to relax, and then get tired and sore.

Here’s a quick outline for some ways to approach these concepts from an Instagram post I put up yesterday. Some big keys to consider are to make sure when ever you’re stretching the hip flexors, you feel the glutes contract, and make sure you’re bracing your abs to prevent sliding into low back extension instead of hip extension.