Posted March 15, 2020

High Tensile Strength: Free Access

It’s a weird time in the world right now. If you still have access to a gym, you’re probably flipping a coin each day as to whether it still will be open tomorrow. If you’re in self-isolation or quarantine, you’re likely bored and want some way to stay active or just work out stress.

I gotchu.

My program High Tensile Strength has an app associated with it. It has options for both in the gym workouts and at-home workouts with just bodyweight and a few small easy to buy items like bands or dumbbells.

This app is usually available to the public as an add-on after purchase for $19.99 per month, but because right now the CoVid-19 virus is causing a global calamity and uncertainty in the world, I’m going to give you free access for 2 months. 

No strings attached, you can cancel at any time and not have a cent come out of your account, no fuss no muss. Just me making sure you have access to workouts to keep your fitness up and work through some stress.

To figure out which program you’d benefit from the most, just follow this simple self-assessment to see which quartile (flexion vs extension, high vs. low mobility) would work best for you:

From there, just follow the following steps to get the app.

Step #1: Join a Quartile group of the Quartile you chose in your initial assessment.

Below are the direct checkout links for each Quartile.

To join, a person will click the link > sign up > enter their payment information > enter the coupon code CORONA    ****THIS IS IMPORTANT*** > click “Complete Purchase.” You should see that you have 2 months of free access. If there’s any issue with that, just email me and I’ll sort it out for you.

Step #2: Start a workout program


Once you join a Quartile group, you will have access to 12 workout programs based on the 12 tracks in the program (days per week, muscle or fat loss, home or gym based), and can choose which plan you would like to start. You click “Start Plan” for the plan they would like to start and follow the steps to schedule your workouts. Did I mention this automatically syncs up to your calendar and shows you your workouts and gives you reminders? Yeah, it does that.


Step #3: View/log scheduled workouts


Once you start a plan, your scheduled workouts will show on your Journal. You can view the workout, print off the workout PDF, log the workout from your computer, or log the workout from your mobile devices by downloading the iPhone or Android apps and logging in with your High Tensile accounts.

If you want to purchase the Gold package to get it without the app, you can do that too. Just click HERE and enter the code “CORONA” in the coupon box to get 60% off the regular price. This is a one-time purchase, and gives you all quartiles, each workout track, email updates, etc. If you get one of the direct access links above, you DO NOT need to purchase this. You’ll get 2 months free access and the ability to cancel anytime you like or continue on as you see fit.

Any money made from the sale of the gold package will be donated to The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation to help fund treatment and recovery for intensive care patients in central Edmonton.

Hopefully this small gesture will help keep you active during these trying times. I may not be able to stop the spread of this infectious agent, but I can at least make sure you have access to some workouts to help get your swole on while stuck at home.