Posted March 13, 2018

Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint, Coming Soon


Tony Gentilcore and I are finalizing some of the details for a re-vamp of the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint workshop series we have been teaching for the past 3 years, and are bringing a LOT of new content to the table that builds off the original.

Here’s some of the stuff we’re looking to cover for the shoulder:

  • How to use the static and integrative assessments to guide your training program.
  • How breathing mechanics  drives mobility of the upper body and stability of the lower body, and how to use it to see fast improvements in both.
  • neck positioning, sternoclavicular joint, and elbow considerations with shoulder movements
  • Deeper assessment considerations, including medical elements that may require a referral for non-fitness modalities
  • Why “impingement” and “scapular winging” are garbage terms, how to assess for their true function and purpose, the difference between internal and external impingement, and what it means to your training program
  • How simplifying your upper extremity assessment to the “Big 3” – Release, Position, Mobilize – can and will cover your bases for most shoulder ailments.
  • Heavy pressing, explosive throwing, and programming considerations for different goal sets and populations

And here’s some of the shenanigans we’re going through for the hips:

  • The hips role in low back, SI joint, and knee issues commonly seen in the gym, and how to address them from a fitness perspective
  • Static versus active mobility, how and when to use each, and what produces the best benefits
  • Scaling compound lifts across populations and goals, and how to effectively program them for everyone
  • Jumps, sprints, change of direction, and other explosive training elements, and how they relate to the individuals goals and abilities.
  • Blending strength, mobility and recovery across age ranges, and how to avoid being a beat up meathead or chronic recoverer
  • spinal motion intolerances, and how to program around common issues.

We currently have dates set for Houston, Slovenia (what what!!) and Los Angeles, with more to come for 2019.

QUESTION: I haven’t attended the first version. Will I be able to keep up?

ANSWER: Absolutely, especially because for all registrations, we’re including a digital video copy of the first edition to view prior to coming to the workshop so you can be up to speed on what we’ll be covering. This is a $120 value we’re throwing in for free, so you know, you should absolutely do this.

QUESTION: Will you be filming this version too?

ANSWER: We’re not sure yet, but it may happen in the future.

QUESTION: Will there be continuing education credits available?

ANSWER: Yes. We’ll be getting credits through the NSCA, and if you’re certified through another body you can petition to use these credits. We’ve ran a lot of workshops and have never had an attendee not able to use their credits to apply to their certification.


Space is limited in each workshop, and we’re expecting to have a large interest as this rolls out, so register now for the workshop in your area. More will be coming in 2019, and if you’re a facility owner interested in hosting a workshop, EMAIL ME and we can discuss further.

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