Posted June 18, 2015

Best Exercise In Ever: Reactive Stability Drops

Today I wanted to showcase an exercise variant I’ve been using for some reactive stability development for the core. The good thing is this is a very simple exercise that’s incredibly challenging, and also helps teach how to control spinal movements from the hands to the feet.

When doing this, a key is to limit any kind of foot drop, hip roll, or change in position. It’s tricky at the best of times, and hell on earth for the rest of the time.

I featured this exercise in my new video product Advanced Core Training, along with about roughly 394 others, give or take. This video series outlines everything from isolational movements all the way up to reactive, speed and power exercises, much like this one. For more cool exercises and variations like this, pick up your copy while the introductory sale is on, and save 40% off the regular price.


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