Posted April 9, 2015

Best Exercise In Ever: Modified Side Plank

I’m sitting at the terminal waiting to fly to Las Vegas for some much needed time off with the wife, so today’s post isn’t going to be terribly long, but should still pack in all of the awesome. I usually don’t ball out when we go to Vegas, and this trip won’t be much different since we have a new house on the way, but one of the best things about Las Vegas is the fact that there’s so much to do that doesn’t involve posing like a rock star in a club until 3am with bottle service and STIs. Plus it’s hot there, so that’s definitely a bonus for someone who lives North of the Wall.



Today’s exercise is a modification on a side plank for those folks who have cranky shoulders. One issue some people run into with a typical side plank is they develop some soreness through the shoulder due to the compressive element of the humerus into the glenoid fossa. At 90 degrees abduction, there is a tendency to cause some soreness, especially if the person has any trace of supraspinatus tendinitis, bursitis, or labral issues, so this helps to clear a lot of that up.

A big key to remember on these is that it’s not a contest to get the legs higher, but just to get to neutral and stay there for time. Keeping the hips stacked vertically is required, and rolling the hips back will make this more of an anteriorly loaded exercise versus laterally loaded exercise, so make sure you’re able to balance on the side of your hip without rolling onto the back of your hip and you’ll be golden. Also, ensure your hips aren’t flexing and that they’re in neutral with some glute flexing going on.

You can still get a lot of the core and hip benefits from this version compared to the standard side plank, but with a lot less shoulder discomfort to boot. Give it a try and see what you think.