Posted June 15, 2018

Best Exercise in Ever: Band Shoulder Stabilization Pulls

Today’s exercise is an oldie but a goodie that I recently put back into rotation for a few clients with wonky shoulders, and it seems to be worth re-pushing for the new generation of folks looking to get jacked and swole while also getting all of their info from memes.

One of the main functions of the rotator cuff musculature is to keep the ball of the humerus in the cup of the glenoid fossa, so while exercises that create a concentric-eccentric moment around the joint are fantastic, sometimes some good old fashioned isometrics with some changing forces acting on the arm are worthwhile to train that stabilization feature.

This can also be useful when combined with another classic like this:

These can also work as a great warm up for any upper body work you have planned for the workout, especially if having that ball stay tight into the socket is a good thing to aim for. Hint: it totally is.

Enjoy the weekend!