Posted March 17, 2015

Best Exercise In Ever: Zoolander Breakdance Fighting Edition

In what was quite possibly one of the greatest announcements of a movie release ever in the history of movie releases, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson showed up at Paris Fashion Week and donned their familiar roles of Derek Zoolander and Hansel MacDonald respectively, all while strutting the Valentino catwalk like absolute bosses.



While the Prime Minister of Malaysia is likely safe in this version, it’s likely it will produce more than a single oft-quoted one-liner, epic facial expressions, and hopefully at least oneĀ gas fight.


So in fitting with the fact that there will also likely be a breakdance fight or three, I wanted to showcase a few mobility drills that could likely double as breakdance fighting when viewed from an unskeptical eye by a random gym goer not quite hip with the flow.

If you’re willing to give any of these a try, it would be best to do while rocking some Blue Steel. Enjoy!!