Posted February 28, 2018

Best Exercise In Ever: This Thing with a Couple Bands and a Foam Roller

While I’m sure the title of todays exercise is never really going to stick, hopefully we can come up with something catchy yet descriptive of how amazing and deceitfully wicked this ab exercise actually is.

So let’s go through the layers of this painful onion.

First, being in a quadruped position and flexing the spine causes the ab muscles to shorten and generate a lot of tension to get there. The band wrapped around the hands and over the low back gives some tactile feedback to tell you to press your low back into the band, which causes more of an ab contraction. The hands are pulling back on the roller, which has some band resistance to it, and also adds into the flexion cornucopia of pain. For some added kicks and giggles, mix in some max force expiration to get even more ab tension and you have a solid case for some spasms that will last a fort night if you’re lucky.

This is a movement that may not work well for someone if they’re tender in flexion positions, or if they have a history of low back pain, specifically lower disc issues. That being said, play around with it if you’re good to go and see what you think.