Posted September 10, 2014

Best Exercise In Ever: Butterfly Hip Flow Series

I’m heading off to London later today to teach a workshop with Tony Gentilcore to a group of almost 30 fantastic trainers and strength coaches, and random folks who just want to deadlift and get selfies with Tony in a collared shirt. Since my plane ride is going to be about 9 hours of red-eye suffering, my hips are pretty much going to be checked and picked up upon landing, hoping for a rapid reassembly in all the right places.

Well, I guess that’s not going to happen, but it would be a much better option than sitting in economy with my knee caps right against the back of the seat in front of me, 3 babies who need changing in close proximity not being changed, and 7 times zones worth of jet lag. Assuredly, I’ll need to get up and move around on Thursday as soon as possible to get feeling back in my legs, which is why I’m planning to work this new drill into my workout when I get a chance.

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Not only is this a solid option for a warm up, low intensity mobility drill, or getting juicy hips ready to dominate some metric weight deadlift and squat series, but what do I know?


This is an exercise I’m going to be leading the group through in London as a hands-on segment, as well as a bunch of other mobility, stability, conditioning, and coaching exercises. If you’re on the east coast and want to come to Tony and I teach the hell out of fitness, we’re holding another workshop in Washington, DC October 18-19, and you can register HERE.

It’s also a movement I’ve worked into my Premium groups new month of training, so to get the best combination of exercises and volume from this exercise and all the other ones that work with it, click HERE to learn more and to register.


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