Posted February 4, 2015

Best Exercise In Ever: Band Resisted Dead Bug

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking an article that has anything to do with a dead bug is going to be an absolute snore, what with it’s use being so linked to corrective exercise, spinal rehab, and all orders of less than sexy core training versus smashing core muscles so hard they turn into diamonds from all the tension and pressure. Seriously, who hasn’t wanted diamond abs? They’re like so much harder and more valuable than BulletProof Abs of Steel.


This version of a dead bug pretty much kicks the old one square in the egg sac and make normal crunches look like a toddlers warm up for play time. They pretty much scream rockets launching from your belly button while you ride a 10 megaton bomb down into Abdomination Station.

If this was a Renaissance artist, it would be called Abonacci, and it’s sequence would be measured in eights. If this was a city in Washington state, it would be Aberdeen. It will help you develop abnormal cuts and people will abhor your excellence. Is it crystal clear how amazingly Ab this exercise really is? I hope so.

And now without further Ab-dieu, check it out:

This bad boy works on maintaining a neutral spine against an extension moment, with moving legs , resisted arms pulling you into more extension, and laboured breathing making old people looking to blow out all their birthday candles weep for better days.

When doing this one, try to make sure you aren’t flattening your back right down into the floor. Keep a slight rounding through the low back where you could feasibly slide a few fingers and then brace the hell out of every ab you have so that you aren’t letting your abs distend or peak. They should be solid and uniform and you should always be able to breathe. Never hold during these bad boys or a tiny puppy will die. Seriously..

Give it a try and see what you think and then report back when you can’t feel feelings, or anything between your ribs and hips.

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