Oh hello.

I KNOW, right? You DO look exceptionally good today. Are those new pants? No pants? Well, you smell terrific so you have that going for you. Give yourself a high five.

If you’ve come this far you know I’m a guy who has his own website, and in this crazy mixed up world, that says something. I don’t know exactly what it says, but it’s right there being said. If you need more information, I’m happy to oblige, but it’s going to be kind of weird, me sitting here telling you stuff about me while not knowing anything about you, other than you aren’t wearing pants and smell amazing. If you’re into that sort of thing, I don’t judge. At least not out loud.

I’m a personal trainer from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Well, technically I have some more impressive sounding titles, but they all just mean the same things. I help people get strong, fit, flexible, and enjoy fitness as much as possible.

My clientele has included clients with post-surgical joint replacement rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation & wellness, sports injury post-rehabilitation, neural impairments and spinal cord injuries, cancer patients and even elite runners and fire fighters. Training is easiest once you know where to start, which is why I try to incorporate a lot of different assessment techniques, some common, some I’ve made up on the spot, but in each case the goal is to see what that person uniquely brings to the table and how I could help them get more from their workouts, however that may be. Everyone has a raging beast of an athlete inside of them, and deserves to feel what it’s like to push their limits with a safe and effective program.

In addition to working with people in person like a real human, I have clients I work with all over the world on a host of different goals, be they injury recovery, athletic performance, weight loss, or just enjoying their time in a gym with a gameplan for success. I’ve written for major publications like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, T-Nation.com, Bodybuilding.com, and a slew of other websites and print media.

I’ve managed to teach seminars all over the world. Most of my talks focus on using humour and hands-on application to keep people engaged and entertained. This has been shown to be a successful method of having participants retain key information versus just speaking and instructing, and lets me make ruthless fun of anyone who shows up to a hip or mobility seminar wearing tight jeans. Here’s a snippet of me teaching a core assessment and function seminar, and also dropping a super sweet magic trick on a stuck hip.

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ve come to realize that I don’t take myself too seriously and have an idea of what I’m talking about. I drop a lot of free content on this blog, and have some other resources that cost a few bucks where I go into more detail on some topics, plus I offer coaching services. In the end, you don’t have to spend a cent to be here, and I’d actually encourage you to read all the free stuff you want and try stuff out to see what you think. I’m here to help, entertain, and make you feel awesome about fitnessing stuff, heavy lifting, and getting the most out of your workouts.

In the end, I’m just a meathead. Come and be a meathead with me. We have cookies and free Netflix, plus we tell way cooler stories and look way hotter with our clothes off.

If I can be of any service to you in the future, maybe freshen your drink, fluff your pillow, show a new deadlift stance that might work better for you, anything at all, just let me know by emailing me HERE. I check every email I get.