Posted October 26, 2013

8 Reasons to Get High Performance Handbook even if you Don’t do the Workouts

It’s the last day (sale ends May 1st 2017) to get sale pricing on Eric Cressey’s new e-book The High Performance Handbook. The reason why I’m promoting this product so much is that after taking a look through it a couple of times, I’m convinced it’s a great resource for anyone, even if you don’t want to actually do the workouts.

Sure, having a workout program without doing the workouts would probably make as much sense as having an 80 inch television and choosing to watch tv shows on your computer, but some people like that sort of stuff. Next thing you know people will be bringing back type writers and using white out on the paper, then not waiting long enough for the white out to dry before typing again and having the white out bleed into the typing, so that you have to go through the letter like 5 or 8 times to make it stick. Anarchy I say!!!

Modern retro computer, Moderne Retro Computer, Rétro informatique moderne, Moderní retro po?íta?

The cool thing about this resource is there’s a lot of layers to it, like an onion, which means there’s a lot of hidden benefits to owning it and having it on your proverbial bookshelf, ready to season your life in a bunch of really cool ways, much like an onion.

#1: The nutrition resource is awesome.

Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition took the bull by the horns with this one and made a really cool resource in the Gold package that covers a lot of ground. When I say a lot of ground, I mean a LOT of ground. To give you an example, here’s some of the stuff it covers:

  • the nutrition handbook
  • A sample food log to get you in the habit of tracking what you eat
  • Programs for males and females for getting lean, maintenance, paleo, intermittent fasting, and bulking (for guys)
  • A recipes guide so you can make awesome food that fits the program
  • sample menus

Essentially, any type of program you would want to use, whether you’re a male or female (or something completely different I haven’t heard of before, which would be really awesome), looking to gain or lose, there’s a program for you.

#2: The Video Library

There’s over 200 videos of coaching cues and demonstrations for different exercises used in the program. Regardless of whether you want to go through the workout or not, this is an amazing resource to refer back to in order to get more knowledge on how to do different exercises, coach them more effectively, and get more from the movements.

There’s over 3 hours of video coaching in this product alone, and what’s more, you don’t have to download a thing. Trainers would be wise to pick this up just for the video library alone.

#3: You see a well-rounded all-encompassing program

If you’re not looking to do the workouts, you can still find out some ways to involve some corrective strategies, how proper breathing mechanics can be coached, corrective strategies, and how to use them effectively while getting a training effect and not getting too “rehabby” without need.

A big pet peeve of mine is seeing trainers taking otherwise healthy folks who want to get their swole on and spending the entire session working on ankle dorsiflexion. Sure, it’s important, but so is your ability to throw around more plates than Santa throws around toys. I even wrote an article for T-Nation a while ago on when you should Stop Doing Corrective Exercise. They have their time and place, and this will show you how to make them work seamless while feeling like you’re getting a good workout.

#4: Trainers can have pre-made templates to use with their clients

If you’re a trainer who hates writing programs, I’m pretty sure you could “borrow” some of the elements of these program, even entire chunks of the programs, to use with your clients. The good thing is there’s no patent on movement, which means you could test these workouts on your clientele, in a pre-made format, for the next four months, without worrying about whether they would get results. Eric beta-tested them all and can back up their efficacy with hard data.

#5: The Bonus Material

When you get the handbook, you also get some sweet bonus material to go with it from some pretty heavy hitters:

  1. Maximum Tension for Maximal Results – Miguel Argoncillo
  2. Cheap Additions to your Training Program – Jordan Syatt
  3. Troubleshooting Single Leg Exercises – Dave Rak
  4. 10 Ways to Modify or Regress a Movement – Andrew Zomberg
  5. 4 Supplemental Conditioning Options
  6. Exercise Modifications Library
  7. Special Populations Guide (over 40 lifters, olympic weightlifting, muscle building, etc)


#6: Customizable for the Type of Equipment, Times/Week you can train, and anything else.

The variety available within the program makes it highly suitable for a wide variety of circumstances and individuals. Whether you’re training in a broom closet at a junior high or a fully stocked weight facility with everything a guy like me would drool over, you’re covered, and you’ll have the same chances of getting jacked and swole as anyone else.

#7: He pushed me on a sled.

When I was at Cressey Performance this past July, Eric was doing some sled work as his own workout finisher, and instead of loading the weights up, he said it would be easier for me to just get on the sled and go for a ride. Not many people can say they rode a sled pushed by a published author who trains pro athletes and crushes meatloaf on a daily basis.

He then walked home, which is unusual as he never walks home, and even more unusual given he lives a stones throw from Cressey Performance. Literally.


#8: The Price goes up tomorrow

Today is the last day of the introductory launch pricing. The gold package is only $99.99, which includes everything mentioned above and will be going up to $129.99 tomorrow. The Silver package (minus the nutrition package) is only $79.99, and will be going up to $109.99 tomorrow as well.

Essentially, for the cost of a single sessions with a run of the mill trainer, and possibly the cost of a single session of an above average trainer, you’ll have one of the best in the world giving you 4 months of customized programs, with video tutorials, nutrition guides, adaptations, progressions, regressions, and anything else you could think of to make the most of your exercise experience, and if you don’t want to work out, you can still have a tremendous resource available to you that will help you, your family, your clients, and if anything just give you some significant knowledge on how a good program should look.

To pick up a copy of the High Performance Handbook or to get more information, click the link below. The sale ends at midnight est May 1st, 2017.


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