Posted June 19, 2015

5 Core Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done

In keeping with the theme for the week, I wanted to bring you some different core exercises you have likely not done before, and hey if you have you’ll likely benefit from a return to these for a time or two. The main reason to put these together is they’re exercises I’ve featured in some way or another on my new video product Advanced Core Training, which I’ll tell you more about later.


#1: SB Rollback To Pike

This is a great exercise to smash the anterior core with a combined roll back and pike from the hips. It’s incredibly intense and will likely make you walk differently after a solid set. On top of that you look like a bloody ninja rocking this sick puppy out in public where other people can see how much of a ninja you are and know deep down that they shouldn’t mess with you.

#2: Off Centre DB Chest Press

Setting up so that you’re hanging half off the bench is not only a challenge for the arm lifting the weight, but also a challenge to control against the rotation on the core, which is going to make you feel partially like you’re trying to avoid falling over, and partially like your abs are ripping apart from all of the awesomeness. Bonus points if you can get so far off the bench, I mean SO FAR off the bench that on the first rep you wind up having your foot lift off the floor, but not so far that you can’t recover in time and prevent the dumbbell from rearranging your dental plan.

#3: Plank Elastic Rows

Take a plank, add in lifting an arm and only going off 3 points, then mix in a teaspoon of elastic rows and you’ll bake a sweet little bunt cake of abdominal flavour the likes of which you’ve never tasted before.

#4: 2 Bench DB Rows

You’ll be the most popular guy in the gym when you grab 2 benches, especially in the middle of the free weight area during peak time, but it will be worth the icy stares of Glen, the 50 year old accountant with the way-too-short-shorts and the massive kyphosis when you show off how ripped your abs became from this exercise. Screw Glen. Screw that guy.

#5: Plank Walkouts

Glen got pissed off from you rocking 2 benches and decided to steal a bench when you were on a water break to do his kyphotic spastic DB rows with a 1/8 range of motion. Since you want to crush your abs and have no benches, set up shop right at Glens stupid feet and do these bad boys, hoping he gets the point and just goes for a shuffle-run until his pension kicks in and he can move to Florida.

Now if you’ve done these before, good on you brosef. Keep being awesome. But if not, give them a try and see what you think.

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Note: Glen is a fictional character, but we all know a guy like this, don’t we? Screw that guy, even if his name really is Glen. Nothing against Glens though.