Posted March 2, 2020

Psych Skills for Fitness Pros: Connecting the Mind to the Muscle

This week Dr. Lisa Lewis is releasing her incredible new resource, Psych Skills for Fitness Pros, a guided course dedicated to helping fitness professionals learn more about evidence-based methods for improving motivation, intrinsic drive, and dealing with difficult clients who struggle to see the results they want to see.

This course has 6 modules with individual segments consisting of different webinars ranging from 5 minutes to 40 minutes long each for easy digestibility.

Section 1: preparation for learning – how to get the most out of the coursework

Section 2: Motivation – what it is and how to effectively develop it within your clients

Section 3: Motivation part 2 – The Spectrum of Motivation. How to determine the best ways to help motivate your clients to see the success they want, and what you can do to facilitate that success

Section 4: Motivation in Motion – Dealing with waxing and waning changes in clients motivation, identifying where they are in the spectrum of motivation and using the exact techniques to best help them push through.

Section 5: Motivational Interviewing – How to communicate with your clients to guide their motivation without telling them how to be motivated.

Section 6: Application and Integration – how to put all of this information into action


This is one of the only courses specifically set up for fitness pros with their specific concerns and challenges in mind, developed by a doctor of education and psychologist, who also lifts!

Dr. Lisa Lewis, Course creator

You can earn continuing education credits through the NSCA and can work through a payment plan versus paying all at once, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting into this program and seeing the best results from your clients possible.

Click HERE for more info and to register.