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  • Dec16

    Are You Strong Enough for Life?

    Today’s guest post is from Dr. Scotty Butcher, PhD, PT, an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s department of physical therapy, and the chair of the Canadian Strength Symposium happening in Saskatoon, SK, January 23-25. I’ll be a presenter there, alongside Dr. Stuart McGill, Andre Benoit, and a bunch of other big names, as…… Read More

  • Dec12

    Stuff to Check Out: Ruthless Mobility Edition

    Today marks the last day of the sale for Ruthless Mobility and I wanted to give you some of the FREE content that’s been put out as part of the promotions from a couple of key sources.   5 Strategies For Quickly Increasing Your Mobility – This article outlines the anatomy and physiology behind…… Read More

  • Dec10

    The Curious Case Of Hunter Cook

    Hunter Cook is a friend of mine from Long Beach, California. We’ve been friends on Facebook for a while, and he initially caught my eye when he and Dave Dellanave, Jessi Kneeland and a bunch of other fitness folks started a daily throwdown on Instagram, appropriately named “Instabattle.” The gist was one of one-upsmanship on…… Read More