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  • Apr25

    Stuff To Check Out: Late April Edition

    It’s late April in Edmonton which means we’re expecting 5-10 cm of snow today. Of course that would have to happen 2 days after we changed out the winter tires on our car for summers, and during the weekend everyone is looking to buy flowers and do yardwork, but whatever. I’m sure by the time…… Read More

  • Apr21

    Troubleshooting Anterior Hip Pain

    “Hi Dean. The front of my hips hurt when I do -X- activity. What kind of exercises should I do to fix it?” This is a question I get asked with surprising frequency, so I figured I’d try to do a complex problem a solid with this blog post and hopefully shed some light on…… Read More

  • Apr17

    3 Weekend Mobility Drills to Help you Enjoy Spring

    The other day Lindsay and I did a walk through on our house and we’re definitely getting closer to getting into that sucker. They were installing the railing, had all of the walls painted and had all of the cabinets in, which means it’s in the home stretch to being finished and we’re on plan…… Read More