Posted February 9, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: Mid February Edition

Hopefully you’re having a fantastic week with minimal snow. It’s been balls cold in Edmonton lately, around -20 to -30 for the most of the week, but it’s looking like it’s going to warm up to around freezing shortly. Our furnace decided to stop working properly on Monday, the coldest day of 2017 so far, which was great to wake up to. $500 later after a call to an emergency furnace technician, and it works just like it did on Sunday.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of Stuff to check out.


I’m hosting Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint solo in Toronto February 25-26 at DTS Fitness Education. Click HERE for more information on this event

Tony Gentilcore and I are bringing Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint to Vancouver April 1-2 at All Around Fitness 104. Early bird pricing is still available until February 28th, 2017. Click HERE for more information on this event.

Here’s a quick clip of some of the info we cover in this workshop:


The Kansas City Fitness Summit

I’ll be speaking at this excellent event once again on May 5-6, so you should definitely come. If for no other reason than to see me talk about mobility and to crush huge portions of barbeque.

Click HERE for more information on this event.


Online Trainer Academy early bird registration opens today

Have you ever thought of taking your personal training business online? Maybe you’re a service provider who isn’t a trainer, but you’re confined by geography? (Dance instructor, music teacher, psychologist, financial planner, etc). The Personal Trainer Development Centre released their own certification in this after working with hundreds of trainers who have successful online businesses and distilled their practices into effective systems, steps and scripts to help make the most out of their processes and to help their business develop successfully.


The early bird opt-in opens today, so give it a shot and see what you think.

Click HERE for more info on the Online Trainer Academy

The Best Coaches Don’t Discount, and Neither Should You – Kia Khadem via thePTDC

I was asked to contribute to this fantastic article by Kia, and while I’m usually reticent to discuss business in a lot of public venues (a lot of people do it waaaay better than I do), I still offered my opinion on pricing, discounts, and why as a service provider it’s likely not going to ever work out in your favour.

Functional Training with Craig Liebenson – John Rusin

This was an excellent Q & A with someone who has more experience and knowledge of how the human body responds to exercise and stress than most people walking the earth today, so it’s worth a read to simply understand what direction he’s trying to get people to go.

The Post Where I Tell You It’s Okay to Move Your Spine – Tony Gentilcore

It’s one of the biggest sticking points in the fitness industry: should you flex your spine or make it immobile? Neither question is accurate, so the answer is going to be lost in confusion based on this alone, and Tony does a great job at explaining why that question sucks, and what to do instead.

5 “Principles” of Effective Workouts – Charles Staley

Charles has the fantastic benefit of hindsight in the fitness industry. He’s been around and trained long enough with enough different systems to call BS when he sees it, and also see the big picture through the minutiae. When it comes to distilling years of hard-earned advice, you can’t find many better, and this post bleeds with that knowledge.

My Philosophy and Approach to Rehab Process – Chris Duffin

Not many people can say they’ve deadlifted over 1000 pounds for a single, let alone for a triple. Because of the fact that he’s a genetic freak and able to do more than the average human, his perspective of healing and recovery carries some different weight, and he provides a very cool perspective on why “rest” is generally okay, but rarely optimal for recovering from an injury. At the same time, being smart about how you recover and work is critical.

Cut the Sh@t Get Fit Podcast with Rafal Matuszewski

This podcast was a blast, and incidentally enough Rafal is going to be hosting Tony and I when we come to Vancouver. Worth a listen.

Social Media Highlights

Here’s the biggest hit on my Instagram page over the past month:

Internet squat depth judges be like: # # "Looks high from this angle."

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Enjoy the day folks!!