Posted February 15, 2017

Podcast Episode #8: Q & A with Jon Goodman, PTDC Creator and Social Media Savant

Today on the podcast I have a longtime good friend and occasional guy I look to for advice (when he’s somewhere in the world with wifi and can answer my emails), Jonathan Goodman.A14zZJQDBuL._UY200_

In this podcast, Jon and I talk about business stuff, the training industry, his world travels, the value of experience over things, and his thoughts on being an expecting dad.

Show Notes:

2:09 – Jon’s backstory from working as a fulltime trainer into an online content creator and educational provider, including the process he went through to go through that transformation in his own career

17:41 – Overcoming self-resistance to create resources he’s had no personal experience with, and how he developed his process to accumulate the information and systems in those areas effectively to become a leading expert.

25:02 – my own history developing my online coaching process, starting from humble roots of zero idea what I was doing. Now I have systems and still really don’t know what I’m doing, including discussions on website domain names and market research to attract your ideal customers or clients.

34:00 – Jon’s obsession with travel and the difference between amassing experiences versus collecting material items, plus his minimalist lifestyle and how that impacts his production capability.

41:12 – Jon’s expecting his first child sometime in the next month, how he’s looking forward to that, and what it’s going to mean for his future as a father, business owner, and traveller.

For anyone interested in the Online Trainer Academy Jon and I were discussing, they’ve revamped and redesigned a lot of the content for a current launch, and it’s available from today, November 7th until November 14th, 2017.

It would definitely be worthwhile to check out if you’ve ever considered adding an online element to your business. I’ve gone through the information and I was able to pick out a bunch of ways that have helped streamline my own process, plus add more value to clients while reducing the busy-work that wasn’t productive.

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